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Algebra Worksheets

Here you can find all our GCSE algebra worksheets for secondary schools.


These printable maths worksheets are suitable for use as part of GCSE maths revision for all major exam boards including Edexcel, AQA and OCR.


The free algebra worksheets comprise functional and applied reasoning questions, practice questions, exam style questions and word problems, all with answers and a mark scheme.


Students will work with whole numbers (integers), fractions, decimals and percentages to answer a variety of multi-step problems. Students can practise solving equations, including one-step and two-step algebraic equations by using the inverse of mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction and the the order of operations. In order to solve equations involving polynomials such as quadratic equations, students may need to use the quadratic formula and use square roots and exponents. Students will also practise using graphs along with defining unknowns and missing numbers.


You can find further GCSE maths resources within these step by step Algebra lessons.


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Simplifying Expressions

Interpreting Graphs

Solving Equations


Laws of Indices


Types of Graphs


Simultaneous Equations



Rearranging Equations

Algebraic Expressions

Interpreting Graphs worksheets

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Laws of Indices worksheets

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Rearranging Equations worksheets

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GCSE Maths Worksheets

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