The Comprehensive Maths Vocabulary List for KS1 and KS2

Have you been looking for a KS1 & KS2 Maths vocabulary list? If so this new maths vocabulary booklet is here to help and it contains 96 key pieces of Maths terminology that primary school pupils need to know.

Maths is a subject full of unique and often confusing words, and it can become a little overwhelming to some in the classroom if a host of new terms and phrases are introduced in quick succession.

With the drive for the mastery in Maths approach in full flow, pupils are expected to learn everything from angles to tessellation in a short space of time. If the proper resources to cement this learning are not in place around the classroom, things can become disjointed and confusing to young minds.

If you are a primary school teacher looking to clear up the confusion around Maths vocabulary in your classroom, then this new KS1 and KS2 Maths Vocabulary List will give you a fantastic base from which to build up your pupils knowledge of key Maths related terms.

What Type Of Content Will You Find In This Maths Vocabulary List?

This list is packed with 96 terms that cover both Maths vocabulary for KS1, and Maths vocabulary for KS2.

Set out in an easy to follow A-Z structure, the list covers words and phrases from all elements of the Maths curriculum, with easy to follow definitions ranging from A for Average right through to V for Vertex.

With so many mathematical words being used in the classroom, it is important for pupils to have a place to store all of this information, and that is why we made this comprehensive list of maths terms!

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Maths Vocabulary List

A simple and easy to use resource that can help your pupils improve their knowledge of crucial Maths vocabulary to help them prepare for SATs in Year 6.

We support over 7,000 pupils in hundreds of schools every week to help improve their Maths knowledge and skills, and a frequent request is for a Maths dictionary.

That is why we have created this A-Z list of KS1 and KS2 Maths vocabulary, and we hope it will help Maths teachers in their efforts to increase their pupils knowledge of Maths terminology and words.

Why You Need This Maths Vocabulary List In Your Classroom

• The Maths vocabulary list provides a focal point for your pupils to use everyday with agreed definitions. Having one centralised Maths vocabulary list that pupils can become familiar with can prove invaluable in increasing their KS2 Maths Vocabulary as well as fluency and reasoning.

• The Maths language in this vocabulary list is crucial to prepare pupils for Year 6. The terms and phrases explained will come up throughout both the KS1 and KS2 Maths curriculum.

KS2 Maths Vocabulary List

• It is a great way to keep track of current knowledge levels and gaps in Maths understanding in your class. Knowledge levels will vary from year to year based on what has been covered in the curriculum, but you will soon see if there are any areas that are still a mystery to pupils and be able to take action to help them achieve.

• We have included space for note taking within the resource to enable pupils to actively engage in creating their own definitions and ways to remember the words.

The Third Space Learning model of intervention is highly personalised and this enables each of our tutors to ensure that the correct level of Maths vocabulary is being used for each pupil. Specialist Maths tutors provide affordable 1-to-1 tuition to the pupils who most need individualised support whether to support them to working at ARE, or to stretch and challenge. The Maths Hub of fluency, vocabulary and problem-solving resources, CPD and assessment is then available to the class teacher to plan and deliver mastery led Maths lessons to the rest of the class.

How You Can Use This Vocabulary List To Help Your Pupils Become Maths Experts!

Time is a precious commodity in the KS1 or KS2 classroom, so when a useful resource comes along it is important that it is used to help pupils maximise their achievements.

That’s why we recommend using our list as a base from which the pupils can increase their own knowledge of the words and phrases being discussed.

You can encourage the pupils to build their own vocabulary lists, either from scratch using our list as a prompt, or by handing out our list and getting them to add to it. Pupils are much more likely to remember the definitions of words when they have researched and written them down themselves. But, as teachers, we need to make sure they’re remembering the correct words and definitions. By choosing the vocabulary which is most suited to their own learning you will ultimately be helping to prepare them for their SATs in Year 6.

6 Tasks To Improve Vocabulary That Work Alongside This Maths Vocabulary List

Maths expert and teacher John Dabell discussed with us why KS2 Maths terminology matters in an extensive and extremely interesting blog, and in it he provided us with 6 easy ways you can begin to cement Maths vocabulary into your classroom. They are:

• Creating word walls and pictures

• Encouraging journal writing

• Making Maths posters

• Publishing an online video about different Maths topics

• Telling a story involving Mathematical terms and phrases

• Dramatising a word definition by presenting a skit or show

What If You Need More Primary Maths Help In Your School?

We know that a list of mathematical terms can only help so much,  so if the KS2 pupils in your school need some extra support, we can help. We have specialist Maths tutors who can work 1-to-1 each week with the pupils who need it the most, helping to revise key concepts and plug learning gaps.

Get in touch to learn more about our programmes and turbocharge your schools Maths results.

Looking for inspiration for your next Maths lesson plan? Read our blog on the 20 Maths Strategies We Use In Our Teaching To Guarantee Progress For Any Pupil. 

Primary school tuition targeted to the needs of each child and closely following the National Curriculum.

John Dabell
John Dabell
Former School Inspector
John is a trained Ofsted inspector and a teacher with over 20 years experience teaching Maths across all key stages.
Downloadable resource

Maths Vocabulary List

A simple and easy to use resource that can help your pupils improve their knowledge of crucial Maths vocabulary to help them prepare for SATs in Year 6.

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Downloadable resource

Maths Vocabulary List

A simple and easy to use resource that can help your pupils improve their knowledge of crucial Maths vocabulary to help them prepare for SATs in Year 6.

Download Free Now!