Free KS2 Maths Worksheets For Year 3 To Year 6: Downloadable And Following A Maths Mastery Approach

This blog contains our most popular KS2 maths worksheets that are available to you to download and print. We offer a mixture of free maths worksheets, maths activities, and premium resources for all KS2 maths teachers from Year 3 to Year 6.

We offer a wide range of learning resources that are in line with the national curriculum for England. These resources are available across year groups, for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well as some secondary resources.

At Third Space Learning, we provide blogs, worksheets, teaching resources, and online tuition to help strengthen maths and English skills in both primary schools and secondary schools. 

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Why we’ve created so many KS2 maths worksheets

We are dedicated to supporting teachers with maths lessons, with over 100,000 UK teachers already signed up to receive our free resources, printable maths worksheets, and blog posts.

Our maths worksheets act as additional classroom resources for schools each term receiving our online tuition but are also available for those not currently enrolled. 

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We strive to be attentive to the needs of teachers and often create content, resources and worksheets in response to specific requirements we receive from teachers and school leaders across the country. 

What you can expect from these KS2 maths worksheets

All of our material, including our KS2 maths worksheets, are created by experienced teachers like yourself. They have been carefully designed to follow the national maths curriculum and wherever possible, are in alignment with White Rose Maths.

All our KS2 maths worksheets follow maths mastery principles, working towards building a deep understanding of mathematics principles in students rather than resorting to rote learning. These KS2 worksheets include answer sheets and teaching tips where needed, they are also printable and downloadable with many of them available for free. 

How to get hold of these KS2 maths worksheets 

Downloading these resources is simple, with many of them on this blog available by just clicking the link and registering with your email address. Our primary maths resources can also be downloaded by logging into the Third Space Learning maths hub.

We have collections of Year 2 maths worksheets, Year 3 maths worksheets, Year 4 maths worksheets, Year 5 maths worksheets and Year 6 maths worksheets. We also have White Rose Maths resources and White Rose worksheets

We hope you enjoy this wealth of KS2 maths worksheets. Let us know your feedback! 

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KS2 Mathematics Worksheets

KS2 Place Value worksheets 

All our place value worksheets are free to download from the maths hub and cover the full spectrum of place value knowledge at KS2. They start with a CPA approach to understanding 10s and 1s as whole numbers and moving through to hundred thousands, millions millions and decimal place value. This leads well into Roman Numerals lessons and resources too.

KS2 Arithmetic worksheets

Third Space Learning’s Fluent in Five resource is a daily arithmetic series available for all year groups. Fluent in Five provides five daily arithmetic questions for each day of the week to help build maths fluency and confidence. Download the first 6 weeks of: 

KS2 Addition and subtraction worksheets

Our collection of addition and subtraction worksheets cover all KS2 year groups and cover a wide range of skills such as word problem solving, missing number patterns, mental maths, addition of 2, 3, 4 and more digit numbers and bar modelling. Our addition and subtraction worksheets even include some fun maths games! 

KS2 Multiplication & division worksheets

We have a large number of multiplication and division worksheets appropriate for each year group. Worksheets cover topics such as halving, long multiplication, short division, long division and everything else to do with multiplication and division within the KS2 curriculum. 

KS2 Times Tables worksheets 

With children taking the Multiplication Tables Check in KS2 it’s important to get lots of times tables practise in. Download our packs of KS2 times table worksheets.

KS2 Fraction worksheets 

Our fractions, decimals, and remainders resources cover the whole span of the KS2 fractions curriculum, including equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, simplifying fractions and mixed numbers. 

KS2 Geometry Worksheets 

All of our KS2 geometry worksheets are available for download on the Third Space Learning Maths Hub along with all of our other KS2 resources. Our library of geometry worksheets includes resources on 3D shapes, properties of shapes and applying geometry in different contexts. Take a look at some of our geometry KS2 maths worksheets:

KS2 Measurement Worksheets 

For worksheets on measurement see the resources below. Worksheets include a mixture of questions on measurement and co-ordinates as well as a number of home learning activities. 

Time Worksheets KS2 

Teaching children to tell time can be tough, we hope these time worksheets can help. These resources include questions on telling the time, time language, key time facts and comparing durations of time.

Algebra Worksheets KS2 

Algebra is most often introduced towards the end of KS2. Here are some Algebra resources to deploy in your Year 6 class. 

Ratio and Proportion Worksheets KS2 

Ratio and proportion are often introduced in Year 6 and our Year 6 ratio resources include a good introduction to the topic, however, our vocabulary lists are a good way to prepare students for new maths concepts to come and get them speaking in mathematical terms.

KS2 SATs worksheets

In addition to our online, one-to-one SATs revision tuition, Third Space Learning produces a large number of expertly designed SATs preparation worksheets, free SATs papers and KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers.

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Example of a Third Space Learning online SATs revision lesson slide

Our SATs revision article contains links Year 6 maths questions and many of our most popular SATs worksheets including:

Building fluency in KS2 maths 

We hope that this collection of KS2 maths worksheets will come in handy and will help to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving in maths in your classroom.

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