It’s been well suited to our looked after children

I was looking for maths resources for looked after children online and I came across Third Space. These children had experienced a lot of disruption in their schooling – as well as behavioural issues – and it was quite hard to engage them. They were quite well behind as a result. I liked that Third Space seemed detailed and you could pick and choose what the child needed.

Some of the pupils have quite a low attention span but they’ve been kept engaged for a good half an hour. The tutors were flexible in their approach to how they dealt with the children. The children have enjoyed it – they enjoy receiving the effort points in particular.

Lessons have been really personalised

Because we used the diagnostic tool at the beginning I was able to pick what we wanted them to do based on that. We were able to pull out which areas they were poorest at or weakest at, and focus lessons around that.

One of the little girls would never answer anything and when specific topics have come up, like the mental arithmetic she will answer now in class. The class teacher has noticed it’s made a real difference.

If Ofsted came in I could print off a report and say ‘this is where they’re up to”

I like the way you send us an email each week to remind us to log on for the reports. The simple diagrams are good so you can see where they started at and where they’ve ended at. And then you dig down further and it tells you what they need to do more work on. This is helpful – I’ve printed those of and given it to next year’s teacher. So she knows in advance what that child needs. It’s really quite detailed in that sense each week.

Support from Third Space has been great!

You’re always on the phone quite easily when I can’t print something out or I can’t do something – the technical help is very good! Even for me, because I’m not exactly 100% technical and people can talk you through whereabouts this is and ‘press this and do that’. It’s probably quite self-explanatory to some people but that support has been really helpful – it’s great.