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The GCSE 2022 Dates: Exam Timetable and Key Information 

The GCSE 2022 dates have been released and the GCSE exams are taking place this year for the first time since 2019. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, formal GCSE exams were cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Now they’re back and we have all the information you need to plan your exam timetable. 

All GCSE exams, no matter the exam board, will take place during May and June 2022. Our complete guide to GCSE 2022 exam dates includes all dates for all maths exams across the Edexcel, OCR and AQA exam boards. The exam dates for other exams such as English Language, French, Spanish, Religious Studies and more, as well as for A levels, have also been released, however this blog will focus on the maths exams. 

New for 2022: Free predicted versions of GCSE maths past papers based on the Advanced Information provided by the exam boards. Choose from Edexcel, AQA and OCR higher and foundation papers. Answers and mark scheme included.

Printable GCSE Exam Timetable

Printable GCSE Exam Timetable

Download this GCSE exam timetable to help you plan for the upcoming GCSE exam season

Post-pandemic exams

Though things seem to be returning more to normal, it cannot be denied that the effects of the pandemic are still being felt in education. With two years of interrupted learning, students taking the GCSE exams in 2022 are at a disadvantage compared to pre-pandemic cohorts. 

To mitigate this, GCSE grade boundaries will be adapted. Advanced information for some exams was also released on the 7th of February to help students to prepare for the GCSE exams 2022.

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GCSE revision lesson slide, question on expanding brackets
Example of a Third Space Learning online GCSE revision lesson slide

Read on for key dates for the GCSE 2022 exams. 

Edexcel GCSE 2022 dates

According to the Edexcel Pearson GCSE 2022 examination timetable, the Edexcel maths exams will begin on Friday 20th May with the Paper 1 (Non-Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Maths Tier. This paper will take place in the morning and be one hour and thirty minutes. 

The Mathematics Paper 2 (Calculator) will take place on Tuesday 7th of June for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier. This paper is also scheduled for the morning and will also be one hour and thirty minutes. 

The third and final, Paper 3 (Calculator) is set for Monday 13th June, again scheduled for morning, one hour and thirty minutes and for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier.

Find out more: Edexcel Pearson GCSE page

OCR GCSE 2022 dates

The OCR GCSE 2022 exam timetable runs throughout May and June 2022. OCR labels mathematics papers 1, 2 and 3 as Foundation Tier and mathematics papers 4, 5 and 6 as Higher Tier. Papers 1 and 4 (the first Foundation Tier and the first Higher Tier papers) will both take place on Friday 20th May.

The second exam for both Foundation and Higher Tiers, papers 2 and 5 will take place on Tuesday 7th of June.

The final paper for both Foundation and Higher, papers 3 and 6, will be sat by students on Monday 13th June. 

All OCR maths exams will be one hour and thirty minutes and take place during the morning exam session. 

Find out more: OCR GCSE page

AQA GCSE 2022 dates

The AQA 2022 GCSE exam timetable is very similar to that of Edexcel and OCR in terms of the maths exams. Paper 1 (Non-Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier will take place on the morning of Friday 20th May, lasting one hour and thirty minutes.

Paper 2 (Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier is set for the morning of Tuesday 7th of June, lasting one hour and thirty minutes.

Paper 3 (Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier will be in the morning on Monday 13th June lasting another one hour and thirty minutes. 

Find out more: AQA GCSE page

Summary of maths exam dates 2022

Whatever exam board and tier your students are following they will sit three maths papers on  the follow dates:

  • Friday 20th May 2022 – First paper
  • Tuesday 7th June 2022  – Second paper
  • Monday 13th June 2022 – Third paper
gcse maths dates 2022

GCSE results day 2022

GCSE results 2022 will be available across all exam boards on Thursday 25th August 2022.

GCSE appeals

If students are unhappy with the results they receive, there is a chance to appeal. 

Edexcel appeals, OCR appeals and AQA appeals are all allowed to be submitted within 30 days of the results.

However appeals must meet specified criteria and often the head of the test centre or school administration must be the one to submit the appeal.

GCSE resits 2022

For those who did not achieve the results they hoped for, GCSE resits will be possible during the 2023 GCSE exam season. 

Maths and English GCSE resits however will be sat a bit earlier, during November 2022. 

Planning for the GCSE exams

Knowing the GCSE 2022 exams dates is crucial in exam preparation. Students should make a note of exam dates and use this information to create a revision timetable and organise how to revise for GCSE

In the run up to exam season, students should also think about how to revise most effectively and what exam techniques they can deploy to gain the best results. 

We wish all of the students sitting GCSE exams in 2022 the very best of luck!

Will there be changes to GCSE 2022

The exam boards have released advance information for GCSE exams 2022 for several subjects. Use this free GCSE maths checklist to find the free resources and practice GCSE maths questions you need to revise.

What dates do GCSEs finish 2022?

GCSE exams in 2022 will start on 16 May and finish on 28 June.

Are GCSEs cancelled?

GCSE exams are not cancelled in 2022 and will go ahead as usual.

Will 2022 A-Levels be cancelled?

A-Levels will go ahead in 2022.

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Printable GCSE Exam Timetable

Printable GCSE Exam Timetable

Download this GCSE exam timetable to help you plan for the upcoming GCSE exam season

Download Free Now!

Printable GCSE Exam Timetable

Downloadable resource

Download this GCSE exam timetable to help you plan for the upcoming GCSE exam season

Download Free Now!

GCSE Maths Papers - November 2022 Topics

Practice paper packs based on the November advanced information for Edexcel 2022 Foundation and Higher exams.

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