What Do Third Space Learning Pupils Think Of Their 1-to-1 Sessions? Find Out What They Had To Say!

With the Easter holidays here (or at least fast approaching) for many, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at what some of the TSL pupils have said about their 1-to-1 maths lessons.

We love hearing feedback from pupils as it is what helps us to improve and grow, and having taught lessons on everything from fractions through to Roman numerals, we’ve had a lot of quotes from pupils on the things they have been learning in their maths lessons!

At the end of every session we ask pupils questions about how they feel the lesson went, and the two we will be focusing on in this post are:

What are the most important things you will remember from today’s lesson?


Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Due to teaching thousands of lessons each and every week, we have a huge number of quotes we could share, but here are some of our favourites!

Some Of Our Favourite Answers To “What Are The Most Important Things You Will Remember From Today’s Lesson?

Third Space Learning Child Quote
There was clearly a lot to remember in this lesson!
Third space learning pupil quote about fractions
Whereas in this lesson there wasn’t quite as much to remember…
Pupil Quote
Child learning maths
Maths quote from a child
Number bonds are important!
1-to-1 maths tuition quote from a child
Maths tuition quote
Simple advice, but when you are dealing with decimals it is all you need!
TSL Maths Quote
This is one of our favourite quotes of the lot!

Some Of Our Favourite Answers To “Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Tell Us?”

Maths tutoring quote from a pupil
Child thanking maths tutor
It doesn’t get much better than being fabu-louuuuus does it…
Child maths tuition quote
Funny quote from child
Child loving maths tuition
Primary maths tuition quote
Another of our favourite adorable quotes from a TSL pupil!

We’ve Even Got A Couple Of Videos For You To Check Out Too!

These are some of the Third Space Learning pupils from Richard de Clare Primary School in Essex, and below are some pupils from Holland Junior in Oxted. Both groups of children love their sessions and it is clear to see that here!

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