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Maths Intervention Pack Whole Number Place Value

Maths Intervention Pack Whole Number Place Value

10 intervention lessons to help your pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of whole number place value.

  • Lessons include:
    • Making 2-digit numbers in a place value chart (Year 2)
    • Using tens and ones to make 2-digit numbers (Year 2)
    • Knowing that 10 tens are equal to 100 (Year 3)
    • Using hundreds, tens and ones to make 3-digit numbers (Year 3)
    • Comparing numbers up to 10,000 (Year 4)
    • Showing and partitioning numbers up to 10,000 (Year 4)
    • Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 (Year 5)
    • Ordering numbers up to 1,000,000 (Year 5)
    • Rounding any whole number (Year 6)
    • Understanding scaling within place value (Year 6)
  • Each lesson contains teaching notes, answers and slides to work through with your pupils.
  • Lessons follow exactly the same format that the Third Space Learning specialist maths tutors use in their one to one online maths tutoring.

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