We were attracted to Third Space Learning due to the personalised nature.

The option to personalise the teaching to the individual needs of the children was a highly appealing feature of Third Space’s 1-to-1 intervention. The fact that each pupil receives a ‘diet’ specifically catered to the gaps in their learning is just great.

The increase in pupil confidence is more than noticeable.

The best thing about Third Space Learning for our pupils has been the increase in confidence, especially with regards to explaining their answers or understanding. I think the fact that their tutors are always there to deal with any misunderstandings straight away is a real bonus for these children!

Contribution in the classroom has also increased, the pupils often refer to what they have done in their Third Space lessons in their normal lessons which is great.

Before Third Space, none of our target pupils were working at the expected standard.

The impact in terms of attainment has been a real boost. In October 2018 none of the pupils that went on to use the intervention were working at the expected standard. Over the last 12 months 74% of the pupils who have used Third Space Learning reached the expected standard, with 17 of the 24 pupils meeting their personal targets.

Third Space resources are used across our whole school.

All of our staff have access to the resources on the Maths Hub and used regularly across all year groups, especially Fluent in Five which is the basis of all of our arithmetic lessons.