We didn’t really have the opportunity to do 1-to-1 previously

With Third Space Learning we could get eleven children having 1-to-1 within an hour so that’s what really attracted us to it in the first place. We were also looking for something that was personalised for the children and when I researched Third Space I was really interested in the the fact they all get their own 1-to-1 tutor.

Third Space was straightforward to set up

We had a call where we talked through what we needed to do but then it was dead easy. The way it’s structured in that the pupils do an initial diagnostic task and then it sets and recommends lessons – it’s really good in terms of teachers who are busy. It’s great that it looks at what the pupils’ strengths and weaknesses are and then targets lessons for them.

The SATs Intervention has been ideal for our target pupils

We used the SATs revision lessons for children that are working just below the expected level. In Year 6 we’re looking at those children who are… just need that little boost up. We tend to do the 1-to-1 after Christmas and up to SATs for Year 6, then after SATs use it for Year 5 to get them ready for the the Year 6 SATs next year. The 11 doing the 1-to-1 go out and while they’re out we do something directed at the other children. That allows us an opportunity to then use that time on a smaller group, for children with other needs. We don’t have the staff to do that normally so for us that’s a real benefit.

It’s definitely made a difference to both attainment and confidence

Because it’s that 1-to-1 time that we haven’t always got in normal lessons, the extra sessions really help consolidate a lot of learning that goes on in class. The pupils like that they get to go over things again and they can actually talk it through whilst seeing it on screen. Some of these Year 6 children were very low on confidence and it made a real difference.

Where these pupils were in the high 90s initially, most of them are now mid to high 100s … 105,106,107. They’ve progressed fantastically! We definitely recommend Third Space in terms of this type of intervention.