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Build GCSE maths confidence

Scalable, affordable GCSE revision for Year 10, 11 and resit students from maths and pedagogy experts

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FREE GCSE Maths Resources

Download a complete library of free GCSE maths revision resources. 40+ GCSE maths papers (foundation & higher), 200+ worksheets, 1500+ practice questions

Build GCSE maths confidence

Scalable, affordable GCSE revision for Year 10, 11 and resit students from maths and pedagogy experts

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Free Maths Revision Mats: The Cornerstone Of Your GCSE Revision In 2024 [Free Downloads]

Revision mats provide a useful GCSE revision planning tool to help focus and monitor students’ own revision in the weeks leading up to the exams. 

We’ve created a set of 26 maths revision mats that are free to all secondary schools to download. Here you can find out more about which topics are covered, what they look like, and how you and your students can make best use of them. 

GCSE Revision Mats - All Topics

GCSE Revision Mats - All Topics

Download our free collection of all GCSE revision mats. Prepare for GCSE maths exams with Third Space Learning revision mats.

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What is a revision mat?

A revision mat is a visual breakdown of a given topic usually on a single piece of paper, summarised collection of questions that cover the major skills needed for each topic within Algebra, Number, Probability, Statistics, Ratio & Proportion and Geometry. 

They are a flexible resource that can be used in a variety of ways: in class, form time or as homework

Students can work alone or in small groups to answer questions on revision mats, identifying areas where they need more practice. 

Revision mats can also be cut up and used as flashcards.

[insert here a collection image of the revision mats to give a sense] 

How to use the Third Space maths revision mats

The Third Space Learning collection of 26 GCSE maths revision mats covers all the major GCSE maths topics and GCSE maths questions

They have been designed to include as many different types of questions as possible. If students would like a little more room to set out their calculations an option is to cut up the revision maps and stick each subsection on a larger piece of paper or in their books and then complete the questions. 

There’s no single way to use them; here are a few suggestions but you’ll find plenty more:

1. In class/revision session

Our revision mats make a great revision activity.

  1. Start by selecting a topic that you want your students to focus on. This could be the same topic for the whole class, or separate topics based on the needs of individual students.
  2. Give the students a predetermined amount of time to work through the questions without any teacher support or notes. 
  3. Using the provided answer sheets, mark the students’ work. Each of the revision mats is split into subtopics so using colour when marking can be a great way to help the students to visualise the subtopics that require more work. 

If all of the questions in a subtopic are correct, highlight it in green

If one or two questions in a subtopic are incorrect, highlight it in yellow.
If the majority of the questions in a subtopic are incorrect, highlight it in red.

2. Form time activity 

If your school has time dedicated to maths during form or registration, the revision mats are the perfect resource to use as a maths warm up to practise key maths skills and identify areas of development.

  1. Choose a topic for your form to focus on and give each student a revision mat.
  2. Over the course of the week allow students to spend their form time completing each of the sections within the revision mat.
  3. Each time a section is complete, use the provided answer sheet to mark their work – using the colour coding suggested above is a good idea.
  4. When a topic area is identified as needing more practice, help your class to make a revision list of topics they can explore in more detail at https://thirdspacelearning.com/secondary-resources/gcse-maths/. If your form room has computers or ipads students can do this straight away in form!
  5. Print off copies of the worksheets that correspond to the topics on the revision mat from https://thirdspacelearning.com/secondary-resources/gcse-maths-worksheets/. As soon as a student has identified a topic that they need to practice give them the corresponding worksheet; 

Free GCSE maths worksheets from Third Space Learning

Our collection of over 200 GCSE maths worksheets are all available to download for free. Section 1 of each worksheet contains skill based practice questions, section 2 contains applied questions and section 3 contains exam questions – calculator and non-calculator. Answers all included. 

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3. Differentiated activities

Chopping up a revision mat will allow students to focus on specific subtopics. These could be used with in a lesson or as as part of quick check activity at the end of a series of lessons

  1. Following the completion of a series of lessons on a given topic, chop up a revision mat so that the students can only see the specific questions that you want them to see.
  2. Stick the questions in their work book, or stick them in the middle of a large sheet of paper. Ask the students to complete each question using the space around the questions sp they can carefully set out their method.
  3. Use the provided answer sheets to mark the answers; use of colour here can be useful. 
  4. For any questions that the students are unsure about, help them to identify the question type, i.e. is it a ‘one-step’ or a ‘two-step’ equation? Are there unknown variables on just one side of the equals sign or on both sides?
  5. Practise these specific skills by using our online revision guide and downloadable resources at https://thirdspacelearning.com/secondary-resources/gcse-maths/

4. Homework

After the completion of a topic, give the revision mats to your students as a homework activity.

  1. Print off the revision mat that corresponds to the series of lessons being taught.
  2. Ask your students to work through each of the sections for homework.
  3. Mark the questions using the provided answer sheets and select three topics that each student needs to practise.
  4. If the student needs to practise different types of questions, print off the corresponding worksheets to these topics. If the student is struggling with misconceptions, print off the corresponding set of diagnostic questions.
  5. When the marked revision mats are returned to the students, provide them with the resources and direct them to the Third Space Learning online revision guides for support.

Next steps for GCSE revision

Once specific areas of development have been identified from the revision mat, encourage students to search for these subtopics on the Third Space Learning GCSE maths revision pages.

Topics covered on these free GCSE revision mats

We have created a wide range of revision mats to provide opportunities to practise the skills needed for all 6 main topic areas: Algebra, Number, Geometry & Measure, Ratio & Proportion, Statistics and Probability. Each topic has then been broken down into a series of subtopics that each contain a series of questions covering the main skills needed for that topic. 

There is a higher revision mat and a foundation revision mat for each type listed below and they all come complete with answers.

Let’s look at the revision mats in more detail.

Algebra revision mats

There are four Algebra maths revision mats for foundation and four for higher. 

1. GCSE Algebra – Expressions, Equations and Inequalities Revision Mats

expressions maths mat foundation
expressions maths mat higher

2. GCSE Algebra – Laws of Indices Revision Mats

laws of indices foundation maths mat
laws of indices higher maths mat

3. GCSE Algebra – Sequences, Functions and Graphs Revision Mats

sequences maths mat foundation
sequences maths mat higher

4. GCSE Algebra – Mathematical Proof Revision Mats

mathematical proof math mat foundation
mathematical proof math mat higher

Number revision mat

There are three Number revision mats for foundation and three for higher. 

1. GCSE Number – Structure and Calculation Revision Mats 

structure maths mat foundation
structure maths mat higher

2. GCSE Number – Fractions, Decimals & Percentages Revision Mats

fractions maths mat foundation
fractions maths mat higher

3. GCSE Number – Measure & Accuracy Revision Mats

measure maths mat foundation
measure maths mat higher

Geometry and measure revision mats

There are two Geometry and Measure revision mats for foundation and two for higher. 

1. GCSE Geometry & Measure – Circles and Triangles Revision Mats

circles maths mat foundation
circles maths mat higher

2. GCSE Geometry & Measure – Methods in Geometry Revision Mats

measure maths mat foundation
measure maths mat higher

Statistics revision mat

1. GCSE Statistics – Revision Mats 

statistics maths mat foundation
statistics maths mat higher

Ratio and proportion revision mat

1. GCSE Ratio and Proportion – Revision Mats

ratio maths mat foundation
ratio maths mat higher

Probability revision mat

1. GCSE Probability – Revision Mats 

probability maths mat foundation
probability maths mat higher

Where next for your GCSE maths revision?

In addition to the revision mats, Third Space Learning gives you access to an ever growing collection of online maths resources and downloadable booklets to help you prepare for GCSEs. All of our teaching resources are created by our team of Secondary maths teachers and GCSE examiners and are designed to support teachers deliver great maths lessons. The best part is they are all free!

Our free resources include:

  • Exam practice papers:created by current and former GCSE examiners. Includes paper 1, paper 2 and paper 3 and follows the format of each of the main exam boards, Edexcel, AQA and OCR. They are available in higher maths and foundation.
  • Revision guides: Our online GCSE revision guides help students with how to revise topics from across the GCSE maths curriculum.
  • Worksheets: Every topic has an accompanying worksheet that is split into 3 sections to practise key skills. Each worksheet comes with an answer key.
  • Slides (coming soon): Soon full sets of Powerpoint slides on each topic will be available to download.

Additionally we have free articles and blogs posts covering exam techniques and advice on how to revise for GCSE as well as a free revision timetable template

But if you’re looking for more intensive help, nothing beats the personalised approach of our one to one maths tutoring. Up to 20 of your students can be taught maths at once, each with their own individual teacher to help build their confidence, plug gaps, and give them plenty of guided practice on exam questions. 

Do you have students who need extra support in maths?
Every week Third Space Learning’s maths specialist tutors support thousands of students across hundreds of schools with weekly online 1-to-1 lessons and maths interventions designed to address learning gaps and boost progress.

Since 2013 we’ve helped over 150,000 primary and secondary students become more confident, able mathematicians. Learn more or request a personalised quote for your school to speak to us about your school’s needs and how we can help.

Personalised one to one maths tutoring to help Year 10 and 11 students build confidence and familiarity with GCSE maths-style questions.

Paul Coffey
Paul Coffey
Third Space Learning
Secondary Maths Resource & Content Creator
Paul worked for many years as a secondary mathematics teacher and specialist leader of education before joining Third Space Learning. He oversees our secondary maths content and curriculum and works across Third Space to support our US programmes.
GCSE Revision Mats - All Topics

GCSE Revision Mats - All Topics

Download our free collection of all GCSE revision mats. Prepare for GCSE maths exams with Third Space Learning revision mats.

Download Free Now!

GCSE Revision Mats - All Topics

Downloadable resource

Download our free collection of all GCSE revision mats. Prepare for GCSE maths exams with Third Space Learning revision mats.

Download Free Now!

FREE GCSE maths practice papers (Edexcel, AQA & OCR)

8 sets of free exam practice papers written by maths teachers and examiners for Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

Each set of exam papers contains the three papers that your students will expect to find in their GCSE mathematics exam.

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