There may not be such a thing as an outstanding Ofsted Maths lesson in primary schools, but as our new Ofsted Maths guide shows there are clear indications as to what Ofsted wants to see in Maths and what a good whole school Maths approach looks like to the Ofsted inspection team.

The guide is a distillation of our own wisdom and that of a former Ofsted inspector to help you prepare for panic-free Ofsted inspections in Maths, and understand why and how to create a whole school Maths strategy.

As a Headteacher or Maths Lead, when you’re planning or revising your Maths strategy it can be difficult to know where to start, and what to focus on, whether you’re aiming for Outstanding, maintaining a Good grade or just hoping to get through your next RI interim inspection.

This free comprehensive guide to help Headteachers and school leaders will allow you to audit what’s working well, prioritise those Maths activities which will have an impact in school, and take the pragmatic approach to assessment that Ofsted wants to see.

Want your Maths strategy to sparkle in time for Ofsted? Download this step-by-step primary Maths framework to help you plan and prepare for your next inspection

CPD and school strategy free

The Ofsted-Proof Guide to an Effective Whole School Maths Strategy

Essential guidance, checklists and 10-point action plan for Headteachers and School Leaders written by a former Maths Subject Leader & Former Ofsted Inspector

What’s inside?

By reading this guide, you’ll find out:

  • How your Maths provision stacks up
  • What Ofsted wants and expects, especially in monitoring and assessment
  • How to embrace a depth and mastery approach – even if the lessons look slower…
  • What the subject surveys can teach you about what works well in leadership, teaching and curriculum
  • The 10-step framework all schools should follow as part of their School Improvement Plan
  • The single piece of paper a Headteacher needs to prepare for their Ofsted Inspectors

Download your Ultimate Guide to an Effective Whole School Maths Strategy

How to Create an Effective Whole School Maths Strategy

If you’re interesting in finding out more about about what effective primary teaching looks like, take a look at our review of the 2016 Teaching Schools Council report. And for more personalised support for your pupils in accelerating progress and deepening understanding in Maths, our one-to-one tutors in the Catch Up Intervention follow a framework of Key Stage 2 national curriculum Maths teaching that aligns closely with the recommendations in this Ultimate Maths Strategy Guide.

For more brilliant leadership advice, read our blog: ‘Confessions of a Primary Headteacher – The Secret to Primary School Leadership’.

Sophie Bessemer , Content Team , Third Space Learning

An education publisher, content editor and primary school governor, Sophie works at Third Space producing resources and sharing best practice