How it works in schools like yours

Personalised one to one support that's easy-to-implement and doesn't add to staff workload:

Third Space Learning

Targeted: Choose which pupils to support and a timeslot that suits your timetable

Personalised: Diagnostic assessments identify gaps; you choose for learning to be personalised automatically or to select lessons yourself

Consistent: Pupils learn with the same tutor each week, each using our bank of 500+ specially-created lessons

Scalable: Multiple pupils receive personalised one to one tutoring at once

Affordable: 56% cheaper than the average cost of one to one maths tutoring

I love that the sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual and that the children have the same tutor for every session. The 1:1 sessions really help develop confidence in speaking and listening - as well as in mathematics. It's really user friendly and the Third Space staff are always on hand to offer support or advice.

Maths Lead, Eldon Grove, Hartlepool
Valda Varadinek-Skelton

Maths Lead, Eldon Grove, Hartlepool

Personalised one to one tutoring that fits into your school day


Choose a regular timeslot for your tutoring sessions

Timeslots are available before, during and after school

Sessions run for one hour including post-session questions

Sessions can take place on desktops, laptops and iPads

Swap timeslots or pupils at any point

"We've worked with other providers but it does not compare. They've not been as responsive and I can't do as much of the setup myself. If I want to add students on throughout the term it only takes 5 minutes - it's nearer an hour with other providers."

Deputy Head, Barclay Academy, Stevenage
Scarlett O'Sullivan

Deputy Head, Barclay Academy, Stevenage

Consistent and scalable support; start at any point


Plug outstanding gaps from previous years

Avoid pupils falling too far behind

Maximise intervention opportunities for the year


Move on to exam preparation and revision

Explore effective exam techniques

Build familiarity with exam-style questions


Intervene early for next year’s exam cohort

Prepare pupils for the following year

Plug gaps before it’s too late

How it works

Personalised one to one tutoring for your most in-need pupils at a time that works for your school

1. Get set up

1. Get set up

We’ll start with a quick call to understand what you’re looking to get out of the programme, show you how to make the most of the intervention and ensure your pupils are ready for their sessions.

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who will be available to help whenever you need it.

2. Choose your pupils

2. Choose your pupils

Choose any pupils who you feel would benefit from extra support.

Most schools choose from the following pupils:

  • Eligible for Pupil Premium
  • At risk of not meeting expected standard
  • Most impacted by the pandemic
  • Lacking confidence or motivation to learn
3. Choose your timeslot

3. Choose your timeslot

Choose a regular timeslot for your pupils’ one to one tutoring sessions.

Sessions are available from 8am to 3:30pm, and you’re free to swap to a new timeslot if it no longer works for your school.

4. Personalise learning

4. Personalise learning

Each pupil starts with a diagnostic assessment to identify individual learning gaps and misconceptions.

You choose if you want lessons to be selected automatically each week to plug their gaps, or if you’d prefer to select lessons from our curriculum each week.

5. Regular one to one tutoring

5. Regular one to one tutoring

At your chosen day and time, your pupils will log in to our secure interactive classroom for a fully personalised lesson with their tutor.

They’ll have the same tutor each week, and will communicate with them via their free headset and a shared screen.

6. Monitor progress

6. Monitor progress

After each session, you’ll receive a detailed report for each pupil showing topics covered, skills practiced and progress made.

Reports are available on-demand and can be easily printed to help inform your own class instruction or keep parents up-to-date.

Premium access to all the KS1-2 resources and CPD in the Third Space Maths Hub is included for all staff at no additional cost.

See how it works in schools like yours…

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Trusted by School Leaders

4,000+ schools across the UK have chosen Third Space Learning to support their pupils

Guided by diagnostic assessment

Each pupil embarks on their own unique learning journey designed to address individual gaps

Cost-effective and scalable

Personalised one to one tuition for the price other providers charge for group sessions

Proven to boost progress

In an independent trial, pupils made 7 months' progress in 14 weeks


All tutoring content and tutors have been quality assured by the Department for Education

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We appreciate every school’s requirements and budgets are different. Request your quote today and we’ll do everything we can to support as many pupils as possible in a way that works for you.