This is the first time the intervention has been used with our Year 5 classes.

We have used Third Space Learning in school for 3 years with our Year 6s, and this is my first time directly working with the intervention. When we have had staff discussions, I’d heard nothing but good things. This is the first time it isn’t being used with Year 6, so I was really eager to use it. 

I have already recommended it to some of my teacher friends, and I would be quite happy to recommend it further, as I like the tuition and resources. I think it has the basics but also goes into deeper thinking.

The Maths Hub is something I use for lesson planning all the time.

Before being involved with the sessions, I used to use the Maths Hub for resources and lesson planning. I just go in and choose the year group and topic block I want. I have also used the pre and post assessments. I have used most of the resources on there!  

It’s also useful with the intervention sessions as the format is the same throughout. So where we use Third Space slides in class, it is a format those pupils are used to.

How did you find setting up pupils to take sessions at home?

I asked our team to list pupils that would benefit, then looked at our tracking to see who has been accessing online learning, who has been logging on, and who has been engaging with learning to make sure it was children who would use it.

I sent out all the emails to parents and helped them set it up, we have 7 out of our 10 attending from home regularly now, and all 10 have done the start assessment, so we had that data for them whilst they were out of school.

The pupils and parents have enjoyed sessions running during lockdown.

The kids love it, and all the parents have said they enjoyed it as well. They thanked us for giving them this intervention to do whilst they are at home.

Even the parents of the children who normally didn’t enjoy maths have told me that their children enjoyed their assessment; looking at the reports, I can see that pupils are now answering greater depth questions correctly that they wouldn’t have even attempted in class!