Using the Premium Third Space Maths Hub – How to Find the Resources You Need Straight Away

“I can’t believe I’ve only just found these! Great maths revision resources, and loads more, perfect to dip into for quick daily openers.”  –Kate Evans via Twitter @ThatKateEvans

Here at Third Space Learning our mission has always been to help schools transform KS2 maths attainment; providing teachers with the tools and resources to do their job more effectively and more efficiently is key to this. 

Schools who sign up for personalised, one-to-one online tutoring for their target pupils also have access to the Third Space Learning Maths Hub, an online library of hundreds of flexible, high-quality maths resources, leadership support guides and CPD.  

But if you’re new to Third Space, or just haven’t made use of the Maths Hub yet it can be a little hard to know how to get the best out of it, especially with the wealth of resources available!. So, we’ve put together this introduction to the Maths Hub to help you get started. 

It’s time to say goodbye to days and nights of endless Googling and ploughing through TES. 

“Big thanks for sending me Fluent in Five up to week 18. My staff use them every day, and they are making a difference to children’s fluency – thank you!” – Claire Mackenzie, Headteacher 

Here’s your step by step beginner’s guide to what’s in the Maths Hub and how to use it. 

So how does the Third Space Maths Hub work?

Our online maths hub is a collection of resources, guides and CPD, created by Third Space in collaboration with leading maths teachers from around the country. 

We have loads of our fantastic resources available for free (all you need to do is register with your email address and school name), but to really get the most of the Maths Hub you’ll need Premium access. 

There are two ways you can get premium: included free as part of our one-to-one intervention programmes, or by buying a premium subscription. 

Once a school is given premium access – either through our interventions or through a premium subscription – every teacher at that school will be granted access to the full suite of Maths Hub materials. 

How do I get to the Maths Hub?

The Third Space Maths Hub can be accessed at, or by clicking the green ‘Maths Hub’ icon on the top right of our website. 

NOTE: Make sure you’re using Google Chrome to browse the Maths Hub to get the optimum experience. 

Clicking through will bring you to the screen below. From here, if your school is already signed up to one of our options for premium access or you’ve already created a free account you just need to log in (on the top right of the page) to get started. 

What the Third Space Maths Hub looks like

If you’re new to the Maths Hub and your school hasn’t got a premium subscription yet, don’t worry, you can still register yourself for a free account

This way you can see the quality of the resources, download some of our favourites that we’ve made available to you, and take a look at the sorts of additional resources that would be available for your school with premium access! 

We highly recommend registering; new resources are regularly added to the Maths Hub (for both free and premium users) and older content is updated e.g. for topicality.

Download Free Resources

Join the Third Space Learning Maths Hub

To browse our entire collection of free and premium maths resources for teachers and parents, register to join the Third Space Learning Maths Hub. It's quick, easy and free! (Please use Google Chrome to access the Maths Hub)

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How do I get access to the premium subscription resources? 

If you’re part of our premium service, you can create accounts for all your staff members at no additional cost, so your whole team can directly access our resources. 

If your school hasn’t signed up yet, Premium subscriptions are available independent of our intervention sessions, with flexible pricing that caters for all budgets. Find out more here

How Third Space Learning’s 1-to-1 maths interventions help pupils gain confidence and capability in mathematics. 

Our resources are of the highest quality, and we’re very proud of how much they’ve helped many teachers improve their pupils’ maths skills.

But we believe in a holistic, multifaceted approach to increasing maths confidence, one in which every child is able to learn and grow at their own pace. Our one-to-one online interventions provide pupils with personalised, engaging maths lessons that work alongside your efforts in class to build their confidence and competence.

Our tutors work with your pupils every week to plug gaps and improve skills, and with over 400 schools already signed on for the Autumn term there is a wealth of evidence for our effectiveness.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Third Space Learning could help your pupils, call us on 0203 771 0095, or book a demo here.

How do I find the resource I’m after in the Resource Library?

Third Space Maths Hub Resource Library

You can find what you’re looking for in the Maths Hub Resource Library in a variety of ways. 

  • Use the free text search to enter a topic or keyword
  • You can also use one or more of our filters: Year (meaning Year Group), Topic, Category, and Sub-Category. 
  • If you get stuck at any point, our incredibly helpful customer service team are on hand to help out. Just call 0203 771 0095 or email 

Once you’ve found the resource you want, just select download and it will be added to your browser downloads!

What kind of resources are in the Third Space Maths Hub?

“I love the Third Space Learning resources because they are well presented, visually appealing and the topic matter is linked to mastery in the new maths curriculum – meaning I don’t have to search for new resources.” – Rachel P, Victoria Academy, Teacher

With over 650 resource packs we like to think there’s something for everyone in there. 

To help you get a better idea of where you might want to start, here’s a quick taster of some of our most popular resources below: 

Fluent in Five

One of our most popular resources, Fluent in Five provides short daily activities for Years 1-6 that are designed to improve their fluency with mental and written arithmetic. Each Fluent in Five activity is linked to a clear progression document that explains how and why the activity will help your class. 

Every Fluent in Five resource includes a guide to using it, a little background on the thinking behind it, and both question and answer slides.

Activities for Years 1, 3 & 4 aim to help pupils identify whether the mental or written method might be most efficient for answering a given question; activities for years 2 and 5 & 6 have a similar goal, but place this in the context of SATS style questions to help pupils prepare for their upcoming exams. 

Third Space Maths Hub Example of a Fluent in Five Year 4 pack
Sample image from our Fluent in Five resources, available in both PowerPoint and PDF format.

Free Maths Hub users can access Fluent in Five activities for Weeks 1 to 6, whilst Premium users can download them for the full 36 week year. 

Find our Fluent in Five resources here.

Rapid Reasoning

Rapid Reasoning is a set of resources geared towards helping pupils improve their reasoning skills (as the name might suggest). Rapid Reasoning activities are available for Years 3-6, and just like Fluent in Five are available daily and linked to a clear progression document. 

Each activity comes with questions, answers, and modelled questions that break down how they might be answered. There are usually 3-4 questions per day, making Rapid Reasoning another great morning or starter activity. 

Rapid Reasoning activities are available for Weeks 1-6 for Free users, and for the full 36 weeks if you are a Premium user. 

Rapid Reasoning image example
A sample image of our Rapid Reasoning resources.

Check out the Rapid Reasoning selection here.

Pre- & Post-Topic Assessments

Available for Years 3-6, our KS2 Pre- and Post-Topic Assessments are a great year-round formative resource, ideal for identifying gaps in your pupils’ learning and informing your planning. 

Assessments are always multiple-choice, and the included mark schemes highlight possible misconceptions that may have led pupils to the wrong answers. 

Premium users have access to the full year’s worth of assessments, while free users can download the first set, on Place Value. 

Post topic assessment examples
Our pre- and post-topic assessments include answer schemes with common misconceptions explained.

Take a look at the full set of assessments. 

Ready-to-go White Rose Aligned Lesson Slides

Let’s face it: sometimes you’d prefer just having a lesson already prepared for you to teach. When that’s the case, our ready-to-go PowerPoint slides are there to ease some of the pressure on you. 

We have pre-prepared lessons for both Key Stages 1 and 2, each with a variety of activities that you can structure as best fits your class. Activities can be easily modified for group or individual work, and every set of lesson slides ends with an evaluation activity to help you gauge how well your students have understood the topic. 

All our ready-to-go lessons are also aligned to the White Rose method, with an integrated mastery approach and an emphasis on helping pupils gain confidence and competence in Maths. 

The first block of lessons – on Place Value – is free for everyone to download, and selected other lessons will also be made free throughout the year. All our lessons are frequently updated, so it’s worth checking regularly to see what has changed and what’s now available to you!

TSL Maths Hub Read-to-go lesson slide example
White Rose aligned lesson slides save you time and still ensure quality teaching for your pupils.

Download a ready-to-go lesson now.

Further Reasoning: All Kinds of Word Problems

Great for providing your pupils with some additional challenging content, the Maths Hub’s suite of Further Reasoning resources – “All Kinds of Word Problems” come with ten questions and a challenge question at the end, and are available for Years 3 to 6. 

Just like our lesson slides these packs can be used however works best for you, whether as class activities, homework tasks or a series of starter questions. They cover a variety of topics, including Place Value, Four Operations and Fractions, Decimals & Percentages. 

Word Problems image
Word problem packs give your pupils a chance to practice more complex questions.

Find all our word problem packs here.

Year 6 Specific Resources

Look out for our webinar on Year 6/SATs resources, coming later this term!

Year 6 is a big year, and the shadow of  SATs looms over it right from the start. Luckily, the Maths Hub has several sets of resources specifically for Year 6 for you to use throughout however long of a SATs run-up you might have. 

As well as practice papers, we have revision packs (great for use to consolidate learning throughout the year), and a series of modelled SATs problem solving videos to help your pupils understand how to approach the questions they’ll face during the exams. 

Our modelled problems use previous SATs papers as a source, and the 2016 set are available for free. The 2017 & 2018 sets are only available for premium users. 

Third Space Maths Hub SATs Revision pack image
SATs revision papers – for that manic run-up to the exams!

Help your Year 6 class prepare for SATs with our full resource bank.

Video CPD

One of the biggest parts of our Resource Library, our CPD videos are a great way to boost your own maths teaching skills! 

We have three kinds of video CPD: Maths in Minutes, Maths Masterclasses, and SATs Masterclasses. 

Maths in Minutes offers short 2-3 minute long videos created by experienced teachers that contain teaching tips for topics across the curriculum. Great for providing flexible CPD for yourself and your colleagues, or if you’re about to teach a new year group or topic.  

Our Maths Masterclasses are a little longer (between 20 and 30 minutes) and perfect for Maths Leads looking to provide training for their staff, or even if you simply want to widen your knowledge of a particular area of maths teaching. 

SATs Masterclasses provide a similar form of in-depth training, focused on preparing staff for the SATs period and what they can expect. These are especially great to use with NQTs, or teachers new to Key Stage 2 who might be feeling a little overwhelmed!

Third Space Learning Maths Hub CPD Vieos
Our CPD videos cover a wide range of topics and complexities.

Find the right CPD video for you now.

Next steps for anyone new to the Maths Hub

Hopefully this has whetted your appetite for what’s on offer to support you and the other teachers and leaders in your school to provide outstanding maths education for all your pupils. 

And for those pupils who still need that extra bit of help to push them to reach their expected goals and beyond, our online 1-to-1 tutoring achieves on average 28 weeks progress over 14 weeks.  

Visit the maths hub

Find out more about our 1-to-1 intervention programmes

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