The best, free way to celebrate the festive season is with our KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz. It’s based on real assessment questions for Year 5 and Year 6, covering a range of topics and Christmas Maths activities suitable for upper KS2 Maths. All with an extra sprinkle of holiday cheer!

Who doesn’t love Christmas cakes and presents mixed with real life worded Maths problems? We’re pretty sure your Key Stage 2 class will!

This Christmas Maths Quiz  is a great way to keep your KS2 pupils’ brains active, engaged and reasoning all the way up to the very end of term.

Your Maths Christmas Quiz questions follow but to make the most of this Christmas quiz with your pupils in class, we recommend you download the free Christmas maths quiz worksheet and answers.

Christmas Maths Quiz: 20 Year 5 and Year 6 Festive Reasoning Questions

Question 1

This table shows average number of number of turkeys bought at 5 different supermarkets. Which supermarket sells the lowest number of turkeys?

Tesco sells 890,501

• Sainsbury’s sells 809,550

• Aldi sells 1 368,250

• Lidl sells 809,000

Christmas Maths Quiz Reasoning Question 2
Christmas Maths Quiz Reasoning Question 2

Question 2

A bakery makes 737 mince pies. They sell 483 in the morning and the rest after lunch. How many do they sell after lunch?

Question 3

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London is 20.54 metres tall. How tall is it in centimetres?

Question 4

This table shows the number of christmas cards sent in 5 towns in Lancashire.

Preston – 37 548

Blackpool – 65 570

Burnley – 18 996

Lancaster – 48 018

Blackburn – 54 253

What is the combined total of the two towns which sent the most?

We've made an easy to use worksheet version of the KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz so download it here - also includes answers!

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Key Stage 2 Christmas Maths Quiz

20 Year 5 / Year 6 Maths questions for some festive fun, including answer guide to find out their curriculum topic gaps

Question 5

In the town of Chorley, they sent 12 130 fewer Christmas cards than in Blackpool. Complete the table to show how many they sent in Chorley.

• Preston – 37 548

• Blackpool – 65 570

• Burnley – 18 996

• Lancaster – 48 018

• Blackburn – 54 253

Chorley – _____

Question 6

Add these fractions together to find what number is hidden in each present:

Fraction and presents image taken from our KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz
Fraction and presents image taken from our KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz

Question 7

10 mince pies cost £6.90.

Image from our KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz

5 mince pies and a candy cane cost £3.76

How much does one candy cane cost?

Question 8

Mrs Allen buys 22 boxes of chocolates to give out at Christmas. She spends £110. How much did each box cost?

Question 9

Question 9 taken from our Christmas Maths Quiz
Question 9 taken from our Christmas Maths Quiz

Question 10

In the Boxing Day sales a Lego set has been reduced by 25%. It now costs £36.45. What was the original price of the Lego set?

Question 11

Work out what two different prime numbers are hidden under each Christmas present to give the answer below.

Question image taken from our Christmas Maths Quiz
Question image taken from our Christmas Maths Quiz

Question 12

A Christmas Present delivery service charges £8.25 to deliver parcels weighing up to 15kg then 45p for every 500g over that weight. How much would it cost to deliver a parcel weighing 20kg?

Question 13

In the UK in 2015 last year we used 8 million Christmas trees. The year before, we used ten thousand fewer trees. How many did we use in 2014?

Question 14

Calculate the size of angles a° and b° in star below:

Question image taken from our Christmas Maths Quiz
Question image taken from our Christmas Maths Quiz

Question 15

On Christmas Eve the temperature is -3°C. If it falls by 9 degrees, what will the new temperature be?

Question 16

Ali is so excited on Christmas Eve that he goes to bed at ten to 6 in the evening. His analogue watch shows this time:

His older sister, Sarah, goes to bed an hour and 6 minutes later. She has a digital watch that shows the time using the 24 hour clock. What time does her watch show when she goes to bed?

Question 17

Cara and her Mum are travelling to visit her Grandparents on Christmas eve from Manchester. They live 387.8km away in Exeter. They drive for 215.92km then they stop to get a sandwich.

After another 72.04km they have to stop to buy a last minute Christmas present for Grandad. How far do they have left before they get to Cara’s Grandparents?

Question 18

Question 18 of our KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz
Question 18 of our KS2 Christmas Maths Quiz

Question 19

A factory needs to make 70 632 Christmas crackers for next day delivery. The morning workers make 26 935 bags and the afternoon workers make 27 308; how many Christmas crackers will the night-time workers need to make?

Question 20

This is a recipe for making a Christmas chocolate cakes. It makes enough for 8 cakes.

400g Light brown sugar

400g plain flour

• 8 teaspoons cinnamon

4 tablespoons warm water

Sophie uses 1.2kg plain flour to make a giant pudding for everyone in her family. How many cakes does she make? How much sugar would she need to make 6 cakes?

We hope you enjoyed these Christmas Maths Quiz questions, you can download the full resource for free, here

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