Free 5th Grade Math Quiz And Many More Downloadable 5th Grade Math Resources

Fed up with the same old 5th grade math quiz? Here we’ve got a different kind of 5th grade quiz for you – one that covers just the topics fifth graders often need to practice most.

About this 5th grade math quiz

The most recent addition to our free math resources for fifth grade is this math quiz based on the Common Core State Standards for fifth graders.

Included are 25 quiz questions that test students on 5th grade math skills and content domains. While this isn’t an official diagnostic assessment, this 5th grade math quiz includes an answer sheet to give you and your students a chance to see where they need to improve.

Questions are in a range of formats, there are:

  • 8 arithmetic questions
  • 17 reasoning questions

Math problems are worth a mix of 1, 2 and 3 marks. 5th graders can gain marks for using the correct method for a trivia question even if they do not get the correct answer.  This will encourage students to show all their workings for each math problem.

Showing work is an important skill for students to learn. Third Space Learning’s online, one-to-one math tuition programs encourage students to practice showing their problem solving methods.

5th grade maths lesson slide
Example of a lesson slide from a Third Space Learning 5th grade online tuition program

How to use this 5th grade math quiz

By focusing only on the 5th grade math standards, this math quiz assesses your students’ understanding of the 5th grade math curriculum. Asking your 5th graders to complete these quiz questions independently can help identify any outstanding knowledge gaps in the 5th grade math curriculum.

This 5th grade math quiz, designed by math experts, should be used towards the end of the school year. By this point, students will have completed most of the fifth grade content, but still have sufficient time to address any misconceptions that arise.

Once students have completed the quiz questions, you may decide to:

  • Share feedback with the whole class
  • Feedback to individual students
  • Revise topics as a whole class
  • Provide targeted interventions for students

5th grade math quiz: 25 quiz questions and with answers

1. Compare the decimals by writing <, > or = in the box.

8.397 ⬜ 8.41

Answer: 8.397 < 8.41

1 point 

2. Write the following number in expanded form: 


Answer: (4 × 10) + (2 × 1) + (3 × 0.1) + (4 × 0.001)

1 point 

3. 7936 × 76

Answer: 603,136

2 points

2 points for the correct answer, 1 point for the correct method, but an incorrect answer

standard algorithm workings

4. 6834 ÷ 58

Answer: 117 r48

2 points

2 points for the correct answer, 1 point for the correct method, but an incorrect answer

standard algorithm workings

5. \frac{1}{4} x 24 = 

Answer: 6

1 point 

6. \frac{2}{5}✕\frac{3}{4}

Answer: \frac{6}{20}=\frac{3}{5}

1 point 

7. 17.36 × 1000

Answer: 17,360

1 point 

8. \frac{3}{7} of 84

Answer: 36

1 point 

9. Round 76,385 to the nearest:





Answer: Rounded to 10: 76,390, Rounded to 100: 76,400, Rounded to 1,000: 76,000, Rounded to 10,000: 80,000

2 points for all correct

1 point for 2 or 3 correct

10. Write the following capacities in order from smallest to largest:

2.673l, 2.635l, 2.605l, 2.61l

Answer: 2.605l, 2.61l, 2.635l, 2.673l

1 point 

11. Sort the following numbers into the correct place in the Venn Diagram.

2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Venn diagram question


venn diagram answer

2 points for all correct, 1 point for 3 or 4 correct.

12. Sophia buys 6 cupcakes and a cookie and pays $2.05 altogether.

Ahmed buys 3 cupcakes and pays 90 cents altogether. How much does one cookie cost?

Answer: 25 cents

3 cupcakes cost 90 cents

6 cupcakes cost 90 cents × 2 = $1.80.

$2.05 – $1.80 = $0.25 or 25 cents


$2.05 – $0.90 = $1.15

$1.15 – $0.90 = $0.25 or 25 cents

2 points for correct answer of 25 cents or $0.25. 1 point for the correct method, but incorrect answer.

13. Order the following fractions from smallest to largest: 2\frac{7}{12}, 2 \frac{3}{4}, 2 \frac{5}{6}, 2 \frac{2}{3}

Answer: 2\frac{7}{12}, 2 \frac{2}{3}, 2 \frac{3}{4}, 2 \frac{5}{6}

​1 point 

14. Each number in the multiplication wall is made by multiplying the numbers in the 2 boxes directly below. Fill in the missing boxes:

multiplication boxes


multiplication box answer

2 points if all boxes are completed correctly.

1 point if 2 or 3 boxes are completed correctly.

15. Arlo chose a number. He multiplied the number by 8. Then he subtracted 47. His answer was 1049. What was his original number?

Answer: 137

2 points for the correct answer of 137.

1 point for correct method, but incorrect answer:

1049 + 47 = 1096

1096 ÷ 8 = 137

16. Which expression shows “two times the sum of eight and three”?

  • 2 × 8 + 3
  • 2 + 8 + 3
  • 2 × (8 + 3)
  • 2 × 11 


2 × (8 + 3)

1 point 

17. Write the following improper fractions as mixed numbers. Write the answer in its simplest form:






\frac{34}{12} = 2\frac{10}{12} = 2\frac{5}{6}

\frac{17}{8} = 2\frac{1}{8}

\frac{35}{11} = 3\frac{2}{11}

\frac{19}{7} = 2\frac{5}{7}

2 points for all correct

1 point for 2 or 3 correct

18. a) Jamal flew 3243.7 miles from London to Doha. He then flew an additional 431.6 miles to Dubai. How far did he fly in total?

b) He then flew on to Sri Lanka, making his journey a total of 5737 miles. How far was the journey from Dubai to Sri Lanka?

Answer: a) 3675.3 miles b) 2061.7 miles

2 points for both correct, 1 point for 1 correct.

19. Amber had a bag containing 360 jelly beans. She gave \frac{4}{9} of the jelly beans to her friend, Erin. How many did she have left?

Answers: 200 jelly beans

2 points for the correct answer: 200 jelly beans.

1 point for the correct method, but incorrect answer:

\frac{1}{9} of 360 = 40

\frac{4}{9} of 360 = 160

Therefore Amber has 200 jelly beans left.


\frac{5}{9} of 360 = 200 jelly beans

20. A class of 28 pupils go on a school trip to Alton Towers. The total price for their tickets is £504. How much does it cost per child?

Answer: £18

2 points for the correct answer of £18.

1 point for the correct method, but incorrect answer:

subtraction workings and answer

21. Mark has 3 candy bars. He wants to split them between himself and 7 friends. What fraction of a candy bar will each person get?

Answer: \frac{3}{8}

1 point 

22. Write one symbol in each box, to make the following statements correct:

fraction question

Answer: \frac{2}{5} < 0.5 , 0.74 > \frac{14}{25}

1 point 

23. The town of Sedona has 90 elementary schools and the town of Georgetown has 45 elementary schools. Schools in the US have an average of 281 students. Approximately how many students are there in Stockport and Portsmouth altogether?

Answer: 37,935.

3 points for the correct answer of 37,935.

2 points if evidence of the correct method, with only 1 calculation error.

1 point if evidence of appropriate method, with more than 1 calculation error.

answers with workings

24. Chloe has a bag of vegetables that weighs 1.15kg. She takes out some peppers. The bag now weighs 870g. How much did the peppers weigh?

Answer: 280g

2 points for the correct answer: 280g

1 point for the correct method, but the incorrect answer.

subtraction workings

25. Apples cost $1.20 per kg. Bananas cost $1.45 per kg. Abdullah buys 1\frac{1}{2}kg of apples and 2kg of bananas. How much change does he get from $10?

Answer: $5.30

2 marks for the correct answer: $5.30

1 mark for the correct method but incorrect answer.

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5th grade math FAQs

What math concepts are taught in 5th grade?

Many of the concepts children cover in 5th grade are a progression of topics taught throughout lower grades. There are some concepts children are introduced to in 5th grade, for the first time:

∙Long division, dividing by 2-digit numbers
∙Order of operations
∙Multiplication and division of fractions
∙Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals
∙Converting between units of measurement
∙Area of rectangles

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The content in this article was originally written by primary school assistant headteacher Emma Johnson and has since been revised and adapted for US schools by math curriculum specialist and former elementary math teacher Katie Keeton.


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