Measurable impact in thousands of schools

Helping schools improve math outcomes since 2013

Accelerate growth

Students receiving one 45 minute session per week achieve 7 months of math growth in 14 weeks

Accelerate growth

Improve test scores

100% of teachers agree that the tutoring helps students achieve higher scores on their assessments

Improve test scores

Close gaps

90% of pupils show a solid understanding of each concept at the end of each session

Close gaps

Boost confidence

70% of pupils who report low confidence at the start say it has improved after their sessions

Boost confidence


Schools supported

We work with schools of all shapes and sizes, from small rural schools with fewer than 20 students on roll to schools with thousands of students.

We work closely with every school to deliver an effective math intervention program that meets their needs.


Students taught

Schools choose which students they'd like to receive the weekly one-on-one lessons.

The majority of the pupils we support are eligible for free or reduced lunch, and we're so proud to help close the math opportunity gap for the schools who need it most.


Lessons delivered

Each lesson is recorded for safeguarding and tutor training purposes.

We also use the data from these sessions to continuously improve our programs and ensure we're providing the best possible support to schools and students like yours.


Tutors trained

We recruit and train tutors who are passionate about math and making a difference for their students.

We're extremely proud of all of our tutors and are committed to providing them with extensive training, ongoing development and a great place to work.

Personalized learning closes individual gaps

Tailored learning pathways accelerate growth

One-on-one instruction boosts confidence

High-quality, well trained tutors help to build conceptual understanding

Interactive learning increases engagement

"The intervention has had a really positive impact on our students. It’s definitely been a success and we can’t talk highly enough about it in school."

Boston West Academy
Matthew Wilson

Boston West Academy

Trusted by teachers, loved by schools

What pupils and teachers have to say...

89 %

Think their one-to-one lessons are useful or very useful

Think their one-to-one lessons are useful or very useful
87 %

Find their lessons enjoyable or very enjoyable

Find their lessons enjoyable or very enjoyable
93 %

Would recommend Third Space Learning’s math tutoring

Would recommend Third Space Learning’s math tutoring
100 %

Said Third Space Learning helped their students achieve higher assessment scores than they would have otherwise in 2023

Said Third Space Learning helped their students achieve higher assessment scores than they would have otherwise in 2023

Stories from our schools and students

Third Space Learning Case Studies

Third Space gives individual children personalised attention to their needs to move their confidence and academic achievement in maths forward.

Sarah Mckee

Senior leader, Cadoxton School

“It was no hassle getting pupils set up from home. I wouldn’t have any problems doing TSL from home again in the event of future school closures.”

Kevin Presneill

Senior Leader, Brompton Westbrook School

"There are nice tutors who help you. They let you talk before they do. You can't see your tutor but you can hear them talking."

“I really like Third Space Learning and my tutor makes it fun and always has an easy way to help me learn even if I don't get the question!”

“When I saw Third Space in action I couldn’t believe the engagement and breadth of lessons on offer”

Gill Robertson

Senior Leader, Holland School

Third Space Learning Case Studies

Third Space allowed our students to not only reach the expected standard but to gain a love and interest for math. The positive difference that it made was obvious within the classroom.

Louise Masters

Senior Leader, Nine Mile Ride School

Third Space Learning Case Studies

The program has been fantastic for our pupils. The fact that the questions are really similar to the ones that crop up in their assessments has worked well for us.

Sarah Mckee

Senior Leader, Castlechurch School

“For the pupils we targeted it absolutely worked”

Mark Creasy

Year 6 Teacher, The Aylesbury Vale Academy

“After starting Third Space Learning it helped me with my learning and I understand a lot more things in math thank you very much.”


“We wanted something that could support our children whatever their level of prior attainment”

Louise Hopcroft

Senior Leader, Parson Street School

Third Space Learning Case Studies

We use it to support disadvantaged pupils but also for any other pupils that we feel need it. For us, it’s about doing all we can to support the children that need it the most.

Julia Bolton

Special Educational Needs Coordinator, West Horndon School

“We needed an affordable intervention to engage our target pupils”

Caroline Smith

Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Middlefield Community School

Third Space Learning Case Studies

Targeted support for the children which is personalized to their own level, which helps them to make progress and meet expectations.

Catherine Clayton-Young

Senior Leader, Griffin Park School

“We had a group of pupils on the cusp of meeting expectations”

George Gardiner

Math Leader, Clifton Green School

“I like this tutor she was nice and was ok when I made a mistake she said I was very confident and she helped when I didn’t understand.”

“We were looking for an intervention that was really personalized”

David Longley

Assistant Principal, Crookesbroom Academy

Third Space Learning Case Studies

Our children all really enjoy taking part in the program and we have seen increased confidence and progress in their math learning.”

Gemma Blunt

Maths Leader, Priory School

" If you get a question wrong, your tutor helps you to have another go and show you how to do it. It was fun."


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