FREE 3rd Grade Math Test And Answer Key: Prepare Students For State Assessments

This 3rd grade math test is perfect for assessing your students’ math knowledge. The test includes multiple-choice questions, short answer response questions and an extended response question all focused on topics from the 3rd grade math standards.

What content is covered in 3rd grade math? 

Curriculum and standards may vary by state, but most state’s math standards cover a similar group of topics in the third grade.  

This test will assess students’ knowledge and understanding of third grade topics such as:

  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • One and two-step word problems
  • Whole numbers and fractions
  • Picture and bar graphs
  • Polygons
  • Area and perimeter
  • Measuring side lengths
  • Time

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3rd Grade Math Test

Download this free 3rd grade math test for state assessment preparation. Includes answer key, rationale and answers organized by standard.

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What to expect from this 3rd grade math test

This 3rd grade math test will help prepare students for their state assessment at the end of the year. 

The practice test includes:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • 2 short answer response questions
  • 1 extended response question 
  • Answer key 
  • Answers sorted by domain 
  • Short and extended response rationales

Aligned to the common core standards 

Created by experienced elementary math teachers, this test is designed for teachers to use in a third grade classroom. All test questions align to Common Core Math State Standards and cover third grade content from the following CCSS domains:

  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Fractions, Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

3rd grade math questions 

There are 43 questions increasing in difficulty and three types of questions:

  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer response
  • Extended response. 

A detailed answer key is provided for the multiple choice section. This includes 

  • The correct answer for each question 
  • The standard(s) the question covers 
  • The depth of knowledge (DOK) level of the question. 

Short answer and extended response questions include a scoring guide with a rationale for each possible score students can receive based on their responses. 

Not only will this help with scoring each test, but inform teachers of the areas each student may need help with. 

Standards are mixed throughout the test so they reflect state assessments. A second answer key, organized by domain, is provided so teachers can better track student understanding.

How to use this 3rd grade math test

This 3rd grade math test makes an excellent mock state assessment. It will help to familiarize 3rd grade students with the length of the test and the types of questions they’ll see.

Tests provide teachers with a wealth of information. They may be useful throughout the year to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of 3rd grade level content. 

A few different ways teachers may choose to use this test include:

  • Set as a mock state assessment
  • During small group practice; students may collaborate and talk through the questions
  • Set as homework
  • Break questions down in math intervention groups
  • Assess student knowledge of a particular topic; teachers may use questions individually as exit tickets or quizzes
  • Identify areas of support for students
  • Identify students who require a math intervention

At Third Space Learning we know that no one knows your students like a teacher does so schools decide which standards each student needs additional practice with each week. 

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After each session, teachers receive a detailed report for each student, showing topics covered, skills practiced and progress made.

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Methodology behind this 3rd grade math test 

Before creating this test, we reviewed state assessments from multiple states and looked at the distribution of domains throughout the tests and standards within each domain.

Based on this data, experts wrote these questions to best show students’ understanding.

The distribution of domains within this test is as follows:

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking – 35%
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten – 9%
  • Number and Operations–Fractions – 21% 
  • Measurement and Data – 26%
  • Geometry – 9%

A note on multiplication and division

No specific multiplication and division focused questions are included in this test. While many questions require the students’ knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division, there are no questions that directly test students’ multiplication and division fact fluency as these do not appear in state assessments

Many third-grade teachers already use systems designed to test students’ fluency of the multiplication tables.

While state assessments will not test students’ fact fluency, knowing their multiplication and division facts will help them throughout this mathematics practice test and their state assessment.

3rd Grade Math Test: Practice CCSS State Test

Questions for our 3rd grade math test follow.

Don’t forget to download the free 3rd grade mathematics practice test for the answer key and answers sorted by domain to accompany these questions.

Multiple choice questions

Short answer response questions

Extended response question

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What are the topics in Grade 3 mathematics?

The topics in Grade 3 mathematics can vary by state. Overall most states have a very similar curriculum for their third graders. Topics covered in Grade 3 mathematics by the majority of states are: 
• Place value
• Addition and subtraction
• Multiplication and division
• One and two-step word problems
• Whole numbers and fractions
• Picture and bar graphs
• Polygons
• Area and perimeter
• Measuring side lengths
• Time

How do I prepare for math 3rd grade?

Preparing for math in 3rd grade can be tricky as it is a big year for new math content. Students may struggle with the topics introduced this year, particularly operations and algebraic thinking. To help prepare students with this domain, you can set them work to pre-learn multiplication and division skills in 2nd grade. 

What is the math level for 3rd grade?

Math for 3rd grade students covers considerably more content than 2nd grade. Third graders encounter fractions, operations and algebraic thinking, the largest domain in the 3rd grade. Math for 3rd grade also expects students to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division families and use them in number sentences and two-step problems. 

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