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A Dedicated Math Tutor Accelerates Student Progress

In a math class of 30 or more, giving students the individualized support they need can be hard. Some students may struggle to keep up and fall behind their peers, resulting in math anxiety.

A math tutor can support student progress with individualized and focused support in the areas they need most.

Students work one-on-one with the same math tutor each week through a personalized standards aligned Third Space Learning math program at their own pace.

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In a trial using PUMA standardized assessments, students made double progress – 28 weeks of progress over 14 weeks.

Why choose a math tutor?

Math tutor

Personalized instruction: provides math help and tailored support to help learners to catch up and keep up with their grade-level learning.

Supports classroom teaching: math tutors are not designed to replace quality math teachers, but instead to supplement and support learning math.

Math experts: math tutors should be math experts with a strong understanding of learning and teaching math.

Flexible delivery: math tutors can work with students one-on-one or in small groups, online or in person. Research shows that online math tutors can be just as effective as in-person tutors.

Uses diagnostic assessment: The more personalized the instruction is, the better the results will be. The best math tutors will use sensitive diagnostic assessment to identify where students need support and create a learning plan to meet their unique needs and learning styles.

In school or at home: School math tutoring has gained more popularity in recent years, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19 and school disruption. Math tutors can also work as private math tutors, providing support online or in students’ homes

“No matter how much of a good teacher you are, you can never get to 30 children and do 30 different pieces of work and that is what is needed. Because it is one-on-one and to their level, it is the best math intervention you can have.”

St Agustine's Academy

Angela Kershaw, School Leader

St Agustine’s Academy

Math tutor

Individualized support

Students learn at different paces and require individualized teaching methods to master content.

Without individual instruction and support to address learning gaps, students will struggle to keep up with their peers. The nature of math means that these learning gaps will only widen as they progress through school, resulting in students feeling helpless and developing math anxiety.

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How can tutoring services support students?

  • Provides additional and personalized support
  • Addresses the learning gaps that are holding students back
  • Allows students to catch up with their peers
  • Enables students to access grade level content
  • Builds confidence and motivation
Math tutor

Elementary school math tutors

Building foundational math skills at elementary school is key for longer-term success in middle and high school math and beyond.

Math tutors should also build students confidence in math and their enjoyment of learning. Our mathematics tutors are trained to use our engaging online platform to create a positive learning environment and to foster a love for math.

Elementary school online math tutor
Math tutor

Middle school math tutors

A focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills means Third Space Learning’s math intervention programs help middle school students build on math foundations and apply their problem-solving skills to math problems.

Interactive one-on-one online classrooms support an engaging learning experience and prepare students for their math journey as high school students and the challenges of Algebra 1, pre-calculus and test prep for SAT Math and ACT Math tests.

Middle school online math tutor
Math tutor

Problem solving math tutor

Students develop their math skills and understanding of more advanced math concepts, they will need to apply them to increasingly complex math problems in the classroom and in math homework.

At Third Space Learning, math tutors provide opportunities to consolidate their learning and practice skills. Every math class follows the same ‘I do, we do, you do’ format, allowing for review, direct instruction, guided problem-solving, independent practice, and enrichment in the same session.

What to look for in a math tutor

Third Space Learning has over 10 years of experience accelerating student progress through school tutoring. Here’s what you need to look out for in a math tutor for the best outcomes:

Math tutor

Personalized learning:Math tutoring should address students’ unique needs.

Use of assessment: Ongoing assessment identifies where students need support and monitors progress. This can be through tests and quizzes, or during tutoring sessions but should be shared with schools.

Curriculum quality: Ensure the curriculum meets your school’s needs. Third Space Learning’s curriculum is developed by math teachers and pedagogy experts with decades of experience. Explore programs for individual US states and Common Core.

Tutor training: Tutors should be maths experts with a good understanding of teaching and learning. At Third Space Learning, all tutors are math and math subject specialists (graduates and college students) who, after a rigorous application process, complete an intensive training program and receive ongoing professional development and coaching from experienced tutors.

Math tutor cost: Depending on your choice of one-on-one or small group, online or in person, the cost will vary greatly. Choose a service that provides value for money. Third Space Learning is 2.4 x more affordable than the average one-on-one provider allowing more students to experience the benefits of one-on-one tutoring.

Regular reporting: Tutors should monitor student progress and report regularly so you can see the impact of math tutoring. Schools receiving tutoring with Third Space Learning receive detailed reports for each learner showing topics covered, math concepts practiced, and growth made, as well as attendance and student ratings.

Want to accelerate student progress?

Math tutors are essential in addressing the needs of struggling students. Third Space Learning aims to close the learning gap and ensure student success in math.

See for yourself why 4,000+ schools have chosen Third Space Learning to provide cost-effective one-on-one tutoring for the students who need it most:

Proven to accelerate math growth in half the time

2.4x cheaper than the average cost of one-on-one tutoring

Scalable and easy-to-implement across multiple grade levels and schools

Flexible scheduling according to your school and district’s needs

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Math tutor FAQs

How do I find a good math tutor?

You can find a good math tutor by researching online. Look carefully at each provider’s approach and curriculum and consider if it aligns with your school and students’ needs – for example, are you looking for homework help or are you looking for a tailored learning program? Find out how tutors use assessment to personalize learning and track and monitor progress. Ask who will be delivering the tutoring and what qualifications and training they have. If you feel you’ve found a good match, use online reviews and feedback to help you inform your decision.

What is the best way to tutor math?

The best way to tutor math is to design sessions tailored to the learners’ needs. Tutors should use assessment to diagnose the areas students need extra support in and design lessons to address these learning gaps and build confidence. Tutors should not only use assessment at the start of tutoring, but use it throughout a tutoring program to track and monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

What is the best price for a tutor?

The price of tutoring varies greatly, depending on the delivery, approach and location. For example, in large cities, in-person one-to-one tutoring will be costly, around $35-70 per hour. Online tutoring can be more cost-effective. For example, Third Space Learning provides affordable online, one to one maths tutoring delivered by STEM specialists with prices starting from just $16 per student per session.