ESSER and Third Space Learning

Help students recover learning loss with one-on-one math tutoring designed to address individual gaps


Last year, our data still wasn’t where we wanted it to be; we still had lots of gaps in student understanding and not enough time or resources to fill them all. Now, we have 24 tutors working one-on-one with our chosen students at once. We would never have the amount of resources to be able to do that in house. Everyone’s scores have increased and the kids love it.

Renaissance Academy Charter School, New York

Liz Avery, Math Instructional Coach

Renaissance Academy Charter School, New York

What is ESSER?

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funding

Approximately $1000 per student or an increase of 8% in overall funding, depending on your state

Encourages funding to be spent on activities that address learning loss, particularly for disadvantaged or at-risk students

How can Third Space Learning help?

Tutoring proven to double math progress in the students who need it most

Regular and scheduled one-on-one instruction for your students for the price of small group tutoring

Personalized pathways designed to address individual gaps and help students master math standards


A proven way to accelerate math growth

With so much disruption over the last few years, many students are falling behind their peers and need additional opportunities to catch up and progress in math.

In an independent trial, students receiving one-on-one tutoring from Third Space Learning made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks.


A cost-effective approach to one-on-one instruction

In every class, there will be students who need additional one-on-one guidance to help them succeed, but this isn’t always easy to provide.

With Third Space Learning, you choose which students need additioanl support and we’ll provide one-on-one for the price other providers charge for small group tutoring.


A personalized learning pathway for each individual student

You know your students best and know where each student requires a little extra practice, but it’s often impossible to give each student the personalized support they need in the classroom or in small groups.

You let us know which skills and concepts each student needs help with, and they’ll work one-on-one with their own dedicated math specialist tutor who will guide them through their own unique learning journey to math success.

Flexible scheduling and pricing


Book a free tutoring demo for your school

Explore the online classroom, preview lessons aligned to your state’s standards and see for yourself why 4,000+ schools like yours have chosen high impact one-on-one math tutoring from Third Space Learning:

Proven to accelerate math growth in half the time

2.4x cheaper than the average cost of one-on-one tutoring

Scalable and easy-to-implement across multiple grade levels and schools

Flexible scheduling according to your school and district’s needs

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