11 Back to School Tips

Back-to-school tips? It’s nearly that time already… It won’t be long before the school bells ring once more. And just like that, you’ll be back at the school gates. This can be both an exciting and stressful period. We’ve used all of the experience we have at Third Space Learning to bring you the most important back-to-school tips.

Stay calm, you’ve got this.

#1 Practice the morning routine

To start, your child is going to need a good night’s sleep. Try to get into a sensible night and morning routine before the first day back. Going to sleep and waking up at the times you would when your child is back in school will help to ease the transition and avoid any morning flashpoints. 

elementary student practicing morning routine

#2 Offer healthy snacks

One of the most important back-to-school tips. Water is your child’s friend. Pack their lunch boxes with a water bottle rather than a sugary alternative. Sugary drinks will up their daily sugar intake unnecessarily. Encourage fruit instead of chips and chocolate. Of course, everyone needs a treat now and again, but start as you mean to go on.

#3 Clear a space for study at home

When the homework starts to roll in, it’s good to have a place that is ready to be worked on. The desk that is usually reserved for this might have been consumed by general clutter over the holiday period. Now would be a good time to make sure it’s clear again.

#4 List goals for the year with your child

It might be strange to include this as a back-to-school tip but goal setting will help your child get back in the zone.

You could ask them to think about what they would like to achieve when they go back to school. Thinking about the previous year may also help, encouraging them to think about what they might want to do differently going forward. There will also be habits they might want to keep the same.

#5 Get involved in your school community

There are many ways you can get involved in your school community. The PTA will allow you to converse in a more informal setting with teachers and administrators, strengthening the ties that make being part of a school community so rewarding.

If you can, you may also want to volunteer your time so you can get involved in more events like the school production.

Your child’s school may also already know when the first parents’ evening is likely to be. Ask about this and pop the date in your diary so you can plan ahead.

#6 Finish your school shopping

Whether it’s new shoes, bags or uniform, make sure you get everything sorted before the first day back. You might already be ahead of the game, taking advantage of those back-to-school sales to stock up. Or life may have been too busy to even think about getting this sorted yet. Either way, having all the essentials ready soon will give you peace of mind.


#7 Be weary of your child’s nerves

Naturally, it is likely that your child will be slightly apprehensive in the run up to the first day back at school.

Be mindful of this, so you don’t expect too much of them. You will know what works best for your child, but you could talk to them about how you have dealt with similar anxiety in the past. This will help them feel more prepared.

The Child Mind Institute further outlines how to help your child with nerves, a key back to school tip.

#8 Make time for your child’s hobbies

Joining after-school clubs is an integral part of your child’s education. Though traditional school subjects are important, your child will learn a huge amount from pursuing these ‘out of class’ interests. Make sure you continue to make time for these.

Indeed, your child may have discovered a new interest over the summer. Why not see if they want to continue this when school starts?

#9 Keep your child’s brain in gear

Avoiding the summer slide can be more difficult than you think. With one or two weeks left of summer break, try some home learning activities to ensure your child remains in tip-top condition.


#10 Maintain rules for screen time

Part of keeping your child’s brain in gear will involve taking charge of screen time. Whether this involves keeping the same routine or adapting to the new school year, clarity will be key.

Out of all the back-to-school tips, this might be the one you need to stick to the most to avoid complications later on. Agreeing on a set of rules and consistently enforcing them will let everyone know where they stand.

Where possible, try to make screen time for kids positive.

#11 Allow them to have their own space

If you only take one of the back-to-school tips away with you, it should be this one. We all react differently to change. Be interested in your child’s thinking and continue to encourage them, but remember to also give them the space to process the start of the new year themselves.

We hope this goes some way to ensuring both you and your child are ready for the big day. We know just how stressful it can be for both parties, but trust us, you’ve got this. Our back-to-school tips will ensure you are primed and ready, and our home learning resources will keep your children’s maths skills in tip top shape!

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The content in this article was originally written by primary school teacher Sophie Bartlett and has since been revised and adapted for US schools by elementary math teacher Christi Kulesza.


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