Free Summer Math Activities Packs For Elementary Teachers

Get our math activities packs filled with summer vacation math activities. These free time-saving packs contain lots of fun math challenges and investigations for students going into Grades 2-5. A perfect summer break homework resource!

Any teacher who has sat through a parent-teacher conference will agree that one of the best questions you can be asked by a parent is “What can I do to help them at home?”. Parental involvement has been shown to have a significant effect on educational achievement and this is especially true in math.

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Summer Math Activities Grades 1 to 5 Pack

Help your students keep math a focus over the summer with this activities pack for 1-5th grade!

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Summer math activities to prevent the summer slide

However, when it comes to math, it can be harder for parents to know how to explore the subject, develop key skills, and engage their children.

As the summer break looms ahead we are all aware of the risk of the summer slide and, in elementary math, the effects can be significant.

This year you can do something about it. We’ve created not just one but four different packs of math activities:

How to use the summer math activities

Each homework pack of activities has been designed for families to be able to do together over the summer vacation. There are 20 vacation math challenges for each of the grades mentioned, some of which have associated math worksheets.

We’re recommending children tackle at least 10 of these math investigations over summer break. Some of the math activities they can do alone; some involve a sibling, a parent or a guardian, to help them complete the challenge.

Children about to enter upper elementary may need more help but it’s a good opportunity for parents and children to set expectations together.

You could also, of course, recommend students to follow a weekly vacation math homework program where they aim to do one or two math challenges every week. Regularity and routine are key to keeping children’s enthusiasm for this kind of additional math activity.

Each of the summer break math homework activities has been developed to get your child ready for the next grade level and all have been designed to be fun and enjoyable family math activities to do together. There’s even a bit of code-breaking!

Don’t forget to download these packs and hand them out to your students before you break for the summer! Not long now!

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The content in this article was originally written by

The content in this article was originally written by former teacher Tushar Ilwahdi and has since been revised and adapted for US schools by math curriculum specialist and former elementary math teacher Christi Kulesza.


Summer Math Activities Grades 1 to 5 Pack [FREE]

Keep math a focus for your students with these fun math games and activities to try over the summer!

The pack includes 4 separate worksheets for each grade, with different games aimed at helping students with the transition into the next grade.