Free Christmas Math Quiz: Your End of Semester Activity Ready to Go!

The best, free way to celebrate the festive season is with our elementary Christmas math quiz. It’s based on real assessment questions for 4th and 5th grade, covering a range of topics and Christmas math activities suitable for upper elementary math. All with an extra sprinkle of holiday cheer!

Who doesn’t love Christmas cakes and presents mixed with real life math word problems? We’re pretty sure your elementary class will!

This Christmas math quiz is a great way to keep your elementary students’ brains active, engaged and reasoning all the way up to the very end of the semester.

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Christmas Math Quiz

Bring some festive fun into your math classroom with this free Christmas math quiz.

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Christmas Math Quiz: 20 4th And 5th Grade Festive Reasoning Questions

Question 1

This table shows the average number of turkeys bought at 4 different supermarkets. Which supermarket sells the lowest number of turkeys?

  • Kroger sells 890,501
  • Whole Foods sells 809,550
  • Aldi sells 1,368,250
  • Publix sells 809,000
table shows the average number of turkeys bought at 4 different supermarkets
Christmas Math Quiz Reasoning Question 1

Question 2

A bakery makes 737 mince pies. They sell 483 in the morning and the rest after lunch. How many mince pies do they sell after lunch?

Question 3

The 2022 Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in New York City is 25 meters tall. How tall is it in centimeters?

Question 4

This table shows the number of Christmas cards sent in 5 towns near Boston. 

  • Wellesley – 37,548
  • Newton – 65,570
  • Northborough – 18,996
  • Chelsea – 48,018
  • Brookline – 54,253

What is the combined total of the two towns which sent the most Christmas cards?

Question 5

In the city of Somerville, they sent 14,198 fewer Christmas cards than in Brookline. Complete the table to show how many they sent in Somerville.

  • Wellesley – 37,548
  • Newton – 65,570
  • Northborough – 18,996
  • Chelsea – 48,018
  • Brookline – 54,253
  • Somerville – ……………………………..

Question 6

Add these fractions together to find your number is hidden fraction in each present:

Fraction addition and presents
Fraction and presents image taken from our elementary Christmas Math Quiz

Question 7

10 mince pies cost $6.90.

10 mince pies

5 cinnamon rolls and a candy cane cost $3.76

5 cinnamon rolls and a candy cane

How much does one candy cane cost?

Question 8

Mrs. Allen buys 22 boxes of chocolates to give out at Christmas. She spends $110. If each box of chocolate costs the same amount, how much did each box cost?

Question 9

diagram shows some Christmas presents on a balance scale
Question 9 taken from our Christmas Math Quiz

Question 10

A Lego set has been put on sale before Christmas for half-price. It now costs $36.45. What was the original price of the Lego set?

Question 11

Determine what two different prime numbers are hidden under each Christmas present to give the answer below.

two different prime numbers hidden under  Christmas presents
Question image taken from our Christmas Math Quiz

Question 12

A Christmas present delivery service charges $8.25 to deliver packages weighing up to 15kg, and then $0.45 cents for every 500g over that weight. How much would it cost to deliver a package weighing 20kg?

Question 13

In the United Kingdom in 2015, 8 million Christmas trees were used. The year before, the United Kingdom used ten thousand fewer trees. How many did they use in 2014?

Question 14

Calculate the size of angles a° and b° in star below:

star shape with different angles size
Question image taken from our Christmas Math Quiz

Question 15

The average low temperature in the North Pole in December is -5°F. If the temperature in the North Pole on Christmas Day is 9 degrees less, what will the temperature be? 

Question 16

Ali is so excited on Christmas Eve that he goes to bed at ten to 6 in the evening. His analogue watch shows this time:

analogue watch shows at ten to 6 in the evening

His older sister, Sarah, goes to bed an hour and 6 minutes later. She has a digital watch that shows the time. What time does her watch show when she goes to bed?

Question 17

Cara and her mom are traveling to visit her grandparents on Christmas Eve in Dallas, Texas. They live 197 miles away in Austin, Texas. They drive for 68.4miles and then they stop to get lunch. 

After another 89.2 miles, they have to stop to buy a last minute Christmas present for Grandad. How far do they have left before they get to Cara’s grandparents?

Question 18

Christmas presents used as numbers to calculate their total cost
Question 18 of our KS2 Christmas Math Quiz

Question 19

A factory needs to make 70,632 Christmas candies for next day delivery. The morning workers make 26,935 candies and the afternoon workers make 27,308. How many Christmas candies will the night-time workers need to make?

Question 20

This is a recipe for making a Christmas chocolate cake.

  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1 ¾ cups all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 ½ teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Sophie wants to make 8 cakes for her family Christmas party. How much flour will she need?

We hope you enjoyed these Christmas Math Quiz questions, you can download the full resource for free, here

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The content in this article was originally written by a former secondary teacher David Leighton and has since been revised and adapted for US schools by elementary math teacher Christi Kulesza.


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