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Middle school math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Middle school is a crucial time in a learner’s math journey, by 8th grade students need to secure the math concepts and skills needed for high school math.

Some students need extra math classes and math lessons to keep up with grade level expectations.

Online tutoring provides the essential math help middle school students need to be proficient in math by high school.

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Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Why choose a middle school math tutor?

With years of experience, middle school math tutors can provide personalized math help across multiple math topics, from basic arithmetic and fractions to trigonometry.

Middle school math tutors focus on the math skills learners need help with most.

Third Space Learning’s private math tutors adapt to individual students’ learning styles to make each tutoring session as effective and accessible as possible.

“The math intervention program has had a really positive impact on our students. It’s definitely been a success and we can’t talk highly enough about it in school.”

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Benefits of Middle School Math Tutoring

Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Improves middle school students’ academic performance

Enhances understanding and retention of math concepts

Increases confidence in math abilities

Reduces math anxiety

Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills

How middle school math tutors work

Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Personalized one-on-one tutoring experience for 6th to 8th graders

  • Math courses are designed to meet the individual needs of the learner
  • Tutors cover the missing basics of elementary school math skills before moving on to grade level middle school math skills
  • Online math tutors provide ongoing assessment of students’ math skills to adapt teaching in real-time

Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Created by expert math teachers

  • Course creators have extensive experience teaching and planning math courses and intervention programs
  • School teachers creating the math programs have years of experience understanding the needs of middle school students and the math curriculum
  • Math experts also train STEM-specialist tutors to be the best middle school math tutors

Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Flexible through the school year

  • Change tutoring dosage and session length at any time
  • Add more students for state assessment test prep
  • Continue online math classes through the summer to combat learning loss
  • Online tutoring takes place before, during or after the school day

Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

An online math classroom

  • Math interventions take place in an interactive online classroom to engage students
  • An online classroom provides accessibility to all students before, during or after the school day, whenever students learn best
  • All middle school math program lessons are readily available for tutors to help them adapt the pitch and pace to each student

Third Space Learning’s middle school math tutors:

Middle School math tutors for learners who need extra math lessons

Understand in the middle school math curriculum and tutoring program

Experts in 6th-8th grade math, algebra, geometry, and pre-algebra

Communicate effectively with learners and explain math concepts to students

Adapt to meet individual student needs

Want to accelerate student progress?

Math tutors are essential in addressing the needs of struggling students. Third Space Learning aims to close the learning gap and ensure student success in math.

See for yourself why 4,000+ schools have chosen Third Space Learning to provide cost-effective one-on-one tutoring for the students who need it most:

Proven to accelerate math growth in half the time

2.4x cheaper than the average cost of one-on-one tutoring

Scalable and easy-to-implement across multiple grade levels and schools

Flexible scheduling according to your school and district’s needs

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Frequently asked questions

How do I find a good math tutor?

It’s not always easy to find math tutors who provide high-quality education for middle school students. Use a reputable company who are approved in your state to ensure math tutors have experience teaching your state standards. Third Space Learning has math intervention programs for the Common Core math standards in addition to the TEKS, OLS, ADE and NGMLS state standards.

What is the difference between a math teacher and a math tutor?

Math teachers typically have qualifications to teach elementary, middle or high school math in school. Math tutors are highly experienced and qualified in mathematics but do not necessarily have a qualification to be a math teacher. Math tutors at Third Space Learning are highly qualified and highly trained math specialists. Each tutor undergoes an extensive vetting program and receives ongoing continuous professional development from a team of math teachers and curriculum experts.

What is the best price for a tutor?

Whether you choose face-to-face in-person or online tutoring in small groups or one-on-one will impact the cost of tutoring. While pricing is calculated according to student numbers, session duration and tutoring dosage, one-on-one online tutoring at Third Space Learning is 2.4x more affordable than the average cost of one-on-one tutoring. Schools can use their Title 1 and Esser funding to contribute towards the cost and receive free headsets for each student in a math intervention program.