Developing learning through math talk

Discourse plays a critical role in supporting and developing math fluency, reasoning and proficiency.

Math talk encourages deeper thinking and understanding.

Students participate in math talk, fostering the development of evaluation, justification, and generalization skills through Third Space Learning’s one-on-one math tutoring.

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“One of the main benefits of the intervention is the ability to use math talk to help students develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.”

Burstow School

School Leader

Burstow School

Math Talk

Learning to talk math

Understanding mathematical vocabulary can be very similar to learning a second language for some students and additional support may be necessary.

Through one-on-one tutoring, students are exposed to extra mathematical language practice with STEM specialist tutors.

Math Talk

Welcoming math language through math talk

When students discuss their mathematical thinking, they are more likely to learn. But students lacking confidence can be reluctant to use math language.

Working one-on-one with the same STEM specialist tutor each week builds students’ confidence and provides a safe environment to articulate ideas and develop mathematical understanding.

Math Talk

Developing math fluency through discussion

Students need frequent exposure to math language to become both fluent and proficient in math.

Customized tutoring schedules, with options for low or high dosage math tutoring, accelerate students’ math progress through personalized one-on-one math talk sessions.

Math Talk

Promoting critical thinking

Math goes beyond finding the right answer — students must explain their reasoning, process and methodology to demonstrate understanding.

Regular one-on-one math tutoring provides students with ample time to cultivate their reasoning and critical thinking skills, guided by tutors who know how to pose the right questions.

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