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New York State Test

Here you will find free New York State practice tests and assessments that are similar to the state assessments released by NYSED (New York State Education Department) for Grades 3 to 8.

New York State Test

What can you expect from the New York State tests?

Assessments cover a range of topics from grade 3 mathematics up to high school math

Excellent resource for New York City schools to use with the diverse population of learners

Full answers to support your students understanding

Aligned to the New York State Standards for Mathematics

Created by experienced math teachers

How to use these New York State tests

NY State 8th Grade Math Test

These specially created New York State tests are an essential addition to your classroom. They expose students to content, problem solving strategies associated with word problems, and vocabulary utilized on state tests.

NY State 8th Grade Math Test

Here at Third Space Learning, our New York State practice mathematics tests expose students to rich mathematical problems that require them to think on a higher level and promote critical thinking. These assessments also prepare students for state testing.

NY State 8th Grade Math Test

These practice math tests support disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners to be successful in the math classroom, as well as increase their test scores on standardized tests. They are quick and easy ways of addressing your students’ levels of understanding.

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