Helping to close the math opportunity gap

We founded Third Space Learning in 2013 with the goal of working in partnership with schools to make one-on-one math tutoring accessible to those children with the greatest need.

We’re a team of teachers, curriculum and product designers, social entrepreneurs, and tutors in the United States, England, India and Sri Lanka. What unites us all is a shared mission to close the math opportunity gap in as many schools as possible.

Helping to close the math opportunity gap







Making one-on-one support more accessible for schools

Traditionally, tutoring has been the preserve of a fortunate minority, not necessarily those children who needed it the most, be that academically or socially.

We wanted to help address this imbalance.

Since 2013, we have made great progress towards our goal. We have worked with tens of thousands of teachers in over 4,000 schools, delivering online one-on-one math tutoring to over 150,000 students, the majority of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Designing tutoring for the reality of school life

We knew we had to start by making tutoring affordable within the reality of limited school budgets. We also knew we needed to be able to deliver tutoring at a scale that could reach the hundreds of thousands of children who have the greatest need of one-on-one support.

Growing a global community of tutors

A central part of our solution is to recruit high-quality maths tutors from across emerging markets – notably India and Sri Lanka – where there is a huge population of passionate, well-educated English-speaking graduates and undergraduates who love math.

All our tutors go through an extensive training programme before they begin, and receive regular and ongoing training and professional development.

We are really proud of our tutors and the work they do to support our schools, and are committed to providing them with a great place to work and competitive pay. Third Space Global – our tutor centre in Sri Lanka – was certified as a Great Place to Work for 2020/21.

Building a program that makes a difference

We know that high-quality tutoring doesn’t end with simply recruiting high-quality tutors. That’s why we work to ensure we’re developing an effective and comprehensive tutoring program that is as supportive as possible for the schools and students that use it.

We’re constantly monitoring and improving our program to ensure it follows best practice, fits with the school environment, allows teachers to easily reinforce their class teaching strategies and makes a positive impact on our students.

We’ve worked with researchers from University College London to develop a framework for the ideal one-on-one lesson and continue to develop an easy-to-use platform that helps schools raise math attainment by:

Third Space Learning

Creating one-on-one lessons that align with state standards

Supporting schools to select the best sequence of lessons for each student

Enabling tutors to adapt each lesson to suit each student

Keeping teachers in control to support in-class teaching

Generating and sharing comprehensive reports to help teachers see progress

“We are proud of our high quality lessons and coherent math programs that help thousands of students understand concepts, improve their mathematical thinking and experience a sense of accomplishment”

Chief Learning Officer
Candida Crawford

Chief Learning Officer

Providing the best support possible for our tutors and schools

We believe in investing in our tutors and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a great tutoring program.

For every session purchased by schools, about half of the cost goes to recruiting high quality tutors, developing and delivering the best possible training to ensure they’re able to support our schools, and providing them with the daily academic and operational support that they need to succeed and thrive throughout their career.

The rest is invested in curriculum development, technology, customer support, safeguarding and operations; all the things that help to ensure our team can make the program as helpful and effective as possible for the students and schools who use it.

Our academic team


Candida Crawford

Chief Learning Officer

A former teacher with over a decade of experience and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Candida oversees the curriculum, pupil experience and our tutor training program.


Kathleen Epperson

Math Curriculum Specialist

Kathleen has 9 years of experience teaching elementary and middle school math. She is passionate about creating tutoring and teaching materials that help teachers and students think deeply about math.


Katie Keeton

Math Curriculum Specialist

Katie is a former elementary school teacher who now helps to develop the Third Space Learning tutoring curriculum, as well as writing education blogs and creating free resources to support teachers.


Christi Kulesza

Math Curriculum Specialist

Christi has 10 years of elementary education experience and is passionate about helping children fall in love with math. She creates math content for our tutoring sessions, blog and free resources.


Jen Martins

Math Curriculum Specialist

With 15 years of middle and high school math teaching experience and 10 years’ as a supervisor of math, Jen creates content for our tutoring students and for our community of teachers.


Jackie Wassell

Math Curriculum Specialist

Jackie helps to develop our curriculum of tutoring lessons, writes blogs and develops free math resources. She is a former 4th & 5th grade teacher and math coach with a Master’s degree in Teaching & Curriculum.

A few more friendly faces


Tom Hooper

CEO and Founder

Tom founded Third Space Learning in 2013 and continues to drive the company’s social mission to close the opportunity gap.


Alice Morris

Chief Product Officer

Alice ensures we're developing a product that is valuable and effective as possible for the students and teachers that use it.


Bryan Tookey

Chief Operations Officer

Bryan ensures the team have everything they need to support our schools and students each day.


Rob Langman

Chief Commercial Officer

Rob works closely with our academic and school-facing teams to ensure we’re delivering the best, most effective program possible.


Andy Hollinger

Senior Sales Executive

A former educator with 9 years experience' with schools across the US, Andy helps spread the word of Third Space Learning.


James Gregson

Head of New Schools

Looking to sign up to Third Space Learning? James is on hand to discuss your school's needs and how we can help.


Sophie Bessemer

Head of Content

With 20 years' education publishing experience, Sophie makes sure we're creating content teachers need and love


Hannah Searle

Math Resource Creator

After leaving teaching in 2019, Hannah joined Third Space Learning to oversee our math resource production


Paul Coffey

Math Resource Creator

A former math teacher, Paul helps to make sure our resource library is full of valuable free resources.


Jenni Hoy

Head of Customer Support

Jenni is responsible for giving our brilliant customers the best possible experience we can.

Meet some of the Third Space Global team


Pasindu Harischandra

Chief Supply Officer

Pasindu makes sure our tutor community and tutor management team are set up for success in their roles.


Hisham Rafi

Operations Manager

Hisham works closely with the UK team to make sure our customers receive the best customer service possible


Jasmiya Jareen

Talent Acquisition Manager

Leading the recruitment team, Jasmiya ensures that the best talent is hired to join our team of global tutors

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