KS2 SATs Intervention

Raise KS2 maths attainment with targeted support for Y6 pupils this term

Ensure more pupils meet Y6 expectations:

✔  Baseline assessment to identify gaps in KS2 knowledge

✔  Weekly 1-to-1 revision lessons to secure core KS2 concepts*

✔  Lesson content to build familiarity with SATs style questions

✔  Regular reporting to support Y6 planning & teaching

✔  Downloadable Y6 specific assessment, resources and CPD

 * Schools signing up from 11th February will receive two SATs lessons a week

94% of schools surveyed who used Third Space in 2018 felt it provided effective SATs preparation

We know it can be hard to provide personalised teaching to the Year 6 pupils who need it most.

Our KS2 SATs Intervention Programme helps you do just this with weekly online 1-to-1 SATs revision lessons with a specialist maths tutor.

New for 2019: From 11th February, schools signing up for the programme will receive two lessons a week ahead of SATs week to ensure maximum impact.

Baseline assessment & lesson selection

  • We begin by assessing your pupils’ gaps against Y6 expectations.
  • You decide whether you’d like lesson objectives to be automatically selected or if you’d rather choose from our curriculum of over 270 lessons

Weekly 1-to-1 teaching

  • Schools signing up to the programme from 11th February will receive two SATs lessons a week
  • Lessons are delivered by specialist tutors, who adapt the pitch and pace to each individual pupil.
  • Pupils communicate with their tutor in our secure online classroom, a low-stakes environment which encourages them to explain their thinking.
  • 1-to-1 conversation helps pupils develop their reasoning and problems solving skills.

Year 6 SATs 2019

Twice weekly SATs lessons now available. Latest start date w/c 18th March

Building foundations for SATs success

  • Every lesson incorporates problem questions for pupils to tackle.
  • Pupils become confident at quickly and accurately applying their skills in a range of contexts and drawing upon a range of methods simultaneously.

Reporting and assessment

  • You can quickly and easily see the content your pupils are covering using our online platform.
  • Weekly reports ensure you’re kept in the loop and are able to feed this assessment into your class SATs preparation.
  • Progress overviews capture impact across a term or year.

The Third Space Maths Hub

  • Your school gets access to hundreds of resources to support teaching across the whole of Key Stage 2, not just the Year 6 pupils enrolled on the intervention.
  • This includes a whole range of SATs-specific resources, from practice papers to revision packs to modelled question videos for your pupils.

Find out how 1-to-1 support this term can boost your 2019 SATs results

Want to see how our online 1-to-1 maths interventions work first-hand? Let us know a date and time that works for you to:

  • Review our SATS revision curriculum
  • See how our online 1-to-1 tuition works
  • Explore the online learning platform
  • Get a quote for your school

New for 2019: two SATs lessons a week for your target Year 6 pupils. Latest start date w/c 18th March. Setup typically takes 7 working days.

Available for primary schools in the UK only. If you’re a parent looking to support your child, please visit: matr.org

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