Earlier Intervention (Y3-5)

Boost confidence and secure key maths concepts for Y3-5 pupils

Build strong foundations in maths:

✔  Baseline assessment against KS1 & KS2 expectations

✔  Weekly 1-to-1 teaching to develop reasoning & confidence

✔  Tutor and pupil work together to secure core Year 3-5 topics

✔  Regular reporting to support KS2 planning & teaching

✔  Downloadable Y3-5 assessment, resources & CPD

When gaps and misconceptions are left unaddressed lower down the school, pupils face an even bigger challenge when they reach Year 6.

Our Earlier Intervention Programme allows you to plug gaps in your target Year 3-5 pupils through weekly 1-to-1 maths lessons from specialist online tutors.

Baseline assessment & lesson selection

  • We begin by assessing your pupils’ gaps against Y3-5 expectations.
  • You decide whether you’d like lesson objectives to be automatically selected or if you’d rather choose from our curriculum
  • Lessons are then delivered by specialist tutors, who adapt the pitch and pace of each session to the pupil.

Weekly 1-to-1 teaching

  • Pupils talk their way through maths concepts and problems in a low stakes environment where they feel more confident verbalising their maths understanding.
  • Tutors ask open-ended questions to assess pupil understanding before moving on.
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Secure Year 3-5 topics

  • SATs test frameworks show that over half of the marks each year will be drawn from Year 3-5 content.
  • Tutors work closely with each individual pupil to ensure they have secured this content, leaving them better prepared to access the whole KS2 curriculum as they move up the school.

Reporting and assessment

  • Quickly and easily see the content your pupils are covering using our online platform
  • Weekly reports ensure you’re kept in the loop and are able to feed this into planning and teaching.
  • Progress overviews capture impact across a term or year.

The Third Space Maths Hub

  • All staff in your school will get access to hundreds of resources to support teaching across the whole of Key Stage 2, not just those pupils enrolled on the intervention
  • Includes a whole range of KS1 and 2 maths resources, from diagnostic assessments to daily arithmetic practice to teaching guides.
  • Video CPD library with bitesize teaching tip and longer maths masterclasses from maths and pedagogy experts

Find out about 1-to-1 maths for your target groups

Want to see how our online 1-to-1 maths interventions work first-hand? Let us know a date and time that works for you to:

  • Review our curriculum
  • See how our online 1-to-1 tuition works
  • Explore the online learning platform
  • Get a quote for your school

Available for primary schools in the UK only. If you’re a parent looking to support your child, please visit: matr.org

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