Year 3-5 Keep Up Maths Programme

Weekly 1-to-1 maths lessons that boost pupils confidence and secures key KS2 knowledge for Years 3-5


Using 1-to-1 maths interventions for Years 3-5 helps you to ensure no pupils are left behind

What you’ll get with the Year 3-5 Keep Up Maths Programme: 12 weeks of personalised 1-to-1 teaching from maths experts

  • Personal tutors to work 1-to-1 with your target Year 3-5 pupils
  • Flexibility to change pupils if you wish
  • Initial smart online assessment diagnoses gaps
  • Weekly progress reports keep you updated


See it for yourself!

Gaps are addressed earlier

Our diagnostic programme ensures gaps and misconceptions do not pass under the radar and removes the challenge of addressing them in Year 6, when it’s too late.

Key concepts are secured early

Expert Years 3-5 maths interventions on core topics such as place value means pupils are better able to access all the KS2 curriculum when they face SATs.

Pupils are more engaged

Our low-stakes environment for practising maths at Years 3-5 improves pupil engagement in lessons and builds their confidence, as they can make mistakes without fear of failure.

See it for yourself

Want to see how it all works first-hand? Let us know a date and time that works for you and we’ll be in touch to run you through our 1-to-1 maths intervention programmes in more detail.

During the 10 minute call you’ll also be able to review our curriculum, explore the online learning platform and ask any questions you have about Third Space.

Available for primary schools in the UK only. If you’re a parent looking to support your child, please visit:

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Created by Maths Specialists

Our Year 3-5 maths interventions are carefully designed by our team of experienced practitioners and academic experts.

Built for School Budgets

By using technology we’re able to lower the price of 1-to-1 maths interventions and can adjust the number of places to suit your school context.

Quick and Easy

We easily fit alongside your current teaching schedule and Year 3-5 pupils can access personalised 1-to-1 maths interventions in a matter of days.

Low Risk

We believe in what we do – all of our maths interventions come with a six-week money-back guarantee.

We’ve prepared 30,000+ pupils for SATs

We’ve worked with 1,200+ UK primary schools

We’ve provided 250,000+ hours of 1-to-1 teaching