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Maths intervention plans sorted for autumn?

Now’s the perfect time to sign your target pupils up for personalised online lessons from our specialist maths tutors.

  • Boost confidence & engagement through 1-to-1 conversations
  • Watch your pupils learn to articulate their reasoning
  • Target identified gaps and misconceptions
  • Raise attainment and progress
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561,279 lessons delivered

Half a million lessons recorded, analysed and improved at scale for greatest impact

41,070 pupils taught

Pedagogy and online classroom developed based on pupil feedback from every lesson

1,467 schools supported

Robust and effective intervention based on assessment data from our schools

Boosting maths progress through 1-to-1 conversations

KS2 SATs Intervention (Y6)

Y6 intervention

✔ Baseline assessment against end of year expectations

Weekly 1-to-1 teaching to secure core KS2 concepts

✔  Lessons build familiarity with SATs style questions

✔  Regular reporting to support Y6 planning & teaching

✔  Downloadable Y6 specific assessment, resources and CPD

Earlier Intervention (Y3-5)

Y3-5 intervention

Baseline assessment against KS1 & KS2 expectations

Weekly 1-to-1 teaching to develop reasoning & confidence

✔ Lessons help pupils secure core Year 3-5 topics

✔  Regular reporting to support KS2 planning & teaching

✔  Downloadable Y3-5 assessment, resources & CPD


See it for yourself

Want to see how it all works first-hand and find out how to get up and running for the start of term? Let us know a date and time that works and we’ll be in touch by phone.

During the 10 minute call you’ll be able to review our curriculum, explore the online learning platform and ask any questions you have about Third Space.

Available for primary schools in the UK only. If you’re a parent looking to support your child, please visit:

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Our latest group had their Year 6 booster lesson on Thursday and absolutely loved it. I don’t know what it is you guys do that makes pupils adore their booster sessions, but they certainly work! (Wish they got that excited about working with me!).

Clare Sealy, Headteacher, St Matthias School

The children were all engaged throughout and were buzzing afterwards. Listening to them explain their maths to someone else was like a little window into their minds – wonderful!”

Steph Topliss, Class Teacher, Petts Hill Primary School

Third Space Learning allowed our Year 6s to not only reach the expected standard but to gain a love and interest for Maths. The positive difference that Third Space made was obvious within the classroom and in our pupils’ much improved assessment results”.

Louise Masters, Headteacher, Nine Mile Ride Primary School