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Third Space Learning's programme of online maths tuition achieves outstanding success for pupils aged 5 to 12 by delivering a tutoring experience that is both fun and targeted to the needs of each child.

Third Space Learning Testimonials

The online tutoring is professionally run, the children enjoy it and we are seeing progress. It is a hit with teachers, pupils and parents.
Emma Dawson, Thundersley Primary School

Third Space Learning Testimonials

The online maths tuition chosen by 2,200 schools and families

All our fantastic maths tutors are trained exclusively to deliver online lessons in maths; they are not switching from face-to-face, or maths to English. They are pure maths specialists working every day teaching maths lessons in our online classroom.

As the largest UK provider of one to one tutoring in maths, we have taught pupils of all ability levels; some may have major gaps identified by a school, others just need a confidence boost or to brush up on key concepts.

Whatever their requirements, each child will be taught a personalised sequence of lessons by a professional tutor so that the child can work through the maths at their own pace.

Real-time screen sharing and an interactive whiteboard enable tutor and pupil to communicate freely in the virtual classroom. All you need is an internet connection. No webcam or video chat is used in order that both pupil and their online maths tutor focus purely on the lesson activities. This improves both pupils’ concentration and learning experience.

Unlike Skype which is used by a lot of maths tutoring companies, our online classroom is specifically designed for a learning experience and provides learners and tutors with all of the tools necessary to ensure the best online tuition possible.

Why parents and teachers choose one-to-one tuition

How our schools and at home maths programmes work

Online maths interventions in schools

  1. Online lessons allow Third Space Learning to support multiple children at one time, so schools can select up to 15 pupils to receive one to one lessons within a single hour of the school day.
  2. Pupils draw, type, and talk with their experienced tutors in their weekly lessons in our engaging interactive classroom.
  3. Teachers are kept up to date with weekly and termly reports which make it easy to demonstrate progress.
  4. Schools also receive full access for all staff to the Third Space Learning Maths Hub which includes a full mastery scheme of learning, ready to go lesson slides aligned with White Rose, Fluent in Five, Rapid Reasoning, CPD videos for all staff and much more.

Online maths tuition at home

  1. Parents select the day and time each week that they want their maths tuition to regularly occur in our online portal. We connect your child with a maths specialist tutor who has completed our tutor training programme.
  2. Your child logs on and is connected to their tutor and they work through a personalised sequence of lessons each week.
  3. Parents are kept up to date through weekly reports and can reschedule, or add additional lessons in their own parent portal.


What are the safeguarding precautions for online maths tuition?

All Third Space Learning maths tutors have received multiple checks as part of their recruitment process, including ensuring they have a DBS or DBS equivalent.

How much training do the online maths tutors receive?

Working with the Institute of Education at UCL we have developed a bespoke programme of initial and regular maths teacher training in both online learning and online teaching following the National Curriculum for maths.

Do you offer secondary school exam revision programmes?

We are launching a brand new GCSE maths revision programme in January to support GCSE-level students studying all exam boards; AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Already we offer a specific Key Stage 2 SATs revision programme. We are not able to support further maths preparation at this stage.

What happens during school closures?

Provided children at home have access to a laptop and headset then their weekly online maths tuition can continue as normal. During the Covid 19 pandemic in the summer of 2020 Third Space continue to provide weekly online lessons to both our school and at home students ensuring that children did not fall further behind in maths.

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