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Online maths tuition that builds confidence and boosts progress

The easy way to keep your primary school child’s maths learning going at home

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Maths support at home without the hassle

Flexible online one to one maths tuition that suits your family’s needs

Speedy sign up process

Speedy sign up process

Book your child’s first online one to one maths lesson in less than 5 minutes.

Flexible learning

Flexible learning

We fit around your schedule; you choose a day and time and can pause, cancel or rearrange at any time.

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Our mission is to make one to one tutoring accessible to everyone. Lessons start from just £9.99.

Expert maths tutors

Expert maths tutors

All tutors have gone through a rigorous training programme and are fully background checked.

Trusted by teachers

Trusted by teachers

As a Government approved tuition partner we're trusted by thousands of schools across the country.

Proven to boost progress

Proven to boost progress

Children receiving our one to one tuition make double the expected progress.

25% sibling discount

Add a second child and get 25% off their subscription. You can add a second student after you sign up.

If you would like to sign up for more than one session a week, please sign up for one session as usual and then let us know how many sessions per week you would like by email. A member of the team will then get in touch to book your extra sessions. You can find a breakdown of the discounted sessions below.

Number of sessions per week25 minute sessions50 minute sessions
1£9.99 per week£16.99 per week
2£16.99 per week£32.00 per week
3£25.00 per week£45.00 per week
4£33.00 per week£55.00 per week
5£40.00 per week£65.00 per week

All sessions end with Post-Session Questions to help continously diagnose outstanding gaps and inform lesson selection

The lessons are engaging, fun and purposeful. My child's tutor made a difficult subject interesting and agreeable. His patient and pedagogical approach has really helped my daughter's confidence.

Mrs K. G. Kad

Parent of Year 6 Third Space Student

Trusted by thousands of schools across the country

We are the largest online maths tutoring company in primary schools across the UK

Since we started working with schools in 2013, our tutors have delivered over 700,000 online lessons to over 60,000 pupils in thousands of schools.

Teachers choose which pupils need extra help, and our online one to one maths tuition becomes part of their school timetable, helping to reinforce teaching in the classroom.

As a teacher, I became familiar with Third Space in school, so signed my daughter up at home. They carefully assess a child and identify their starting point. The tutor works through the lessons at the child's pace. I think this is a brilliant service and great value for money.


Deputy Head and Parent

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