Maths Intervention Programmes For KS2

KS2 Maths Intervention Programmes

In times of budget cuts and uncertainty, Third Space is something which we had no problem funding again this year.

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Making the decision to begin a maths intervention programme at KS2, especially in a core subject like maths, is never one to be taken lightly. 

As a Headteacher, or Maths Lead, you’ll find a wide variety of primary school intervention programmes available to you. One maths intervention may focus on basic numeracy skills, another might be more of a catch up intervention, and then there are many which are unashamedly SATs-orientated for those pupils who are going to need extra support to achieve expected standard at the end of Key Stage 2. 

Which Maths Intervention And For What Purpose? 

With budgets squeezed, primary schools are looking to save money by resourcing their maths interventions with existing staff. With the right staff and enough time to prepare, this can work. However, here’s what you need to consider:

  • How qualified is the staff member? Teaching Assistants and often class teachers too, are overwhelmingly likely not to be maths experts and not always able to follow up on class maths lessons without a lot of addition support and CPD
  • Cost effectiveness of any numeracy intervention – will you be looking at one on one sessions which are proven to have the greatest impact or provide extra support in small groups?
  • Who’s actually available to plan and support the maths intervention programme and ensure it is high quality and answers both pupils’ needs and the national curriculum?
  • How are you going to adjust and adapt your teaching resources for SEN and EAL to make it a truly effective maths intervention for them too.
  • Ease of management and reporting for whichever mathematics intervention you choose. This is key. If it takes too much time or you don’t know whether it’s working, it becomes more trouble than it’s worth as all educators and SLT know! Staff are over-worked enough already.

Specialist KS2 Maths Intervention Programmes Focused On Your Target Pupils’ Needs 

That’s why more and more schools who want to guarantee pupils success in maths are choosing one of Third Space Learning’s maths intervention programmes.  

We teach thousands of primary school pupils a week in a one-to-one environment with a tutor, using online lessons drawing on the principles of maths mastery and the KS2 national curriculum. 

Our initial assessment diagnoses individual learning gaps and suggests a best-fit sequence of lessons for each pupil, taking into consideration any special educational needs. We then report on their progress during each lesson. All you have to do is make sure they show up! 

Why choose Third Space Learning to lead your primary maths interventions?

impact of the ks2 maths intervention programmes

Flexible, affordable pricing options to match your needs

Depending on the number of pupils for whom you are considering interventions, you may find many intervention solutions too costly to pursue, even with a significant proportion of these pupils being in receipt of Pupil Premium. 

Third Space Learning prices its one-to-one maths intervention programmes specifically with the goal of being excellent value for money; 65% of the 7000 children we teach every week are in receipt of Pupil Premium, their school using the allocation to help them improve in maths. 

For schools considering non-Pupil Premium children for interventions, we are also happy to agree a pricing plan that works with your budget. We believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to getting children the additional maths support they need, which is why we provide our highly effective one-to-one intervention sessions online.  

pupil with headset receiving one of the ks2 maths interventions

Progress and impact reporting are readily available on each of our intervention programmes

Pupil with headset receiving a ks2 maths intervention

If you’re going to be spending money on an external intervention, you want to be able to measure its performance and impact clearly and easily. 

Third Space Learning provides schools with weekly progress reports per pupil, making intervention impact available at-a-glance. 

We also carry out an initial diagnostic test at the start of every term to act as a benchmark for pupil progress, and give schools access to our set of pre- and post-topic in-class assessments free of charge, so they can judge our impact for themselves. 

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Our maths intervention programmes have school-wide benefits for KS1 and KS2

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Where possible an intervention programme should extend its positive effects out beyond just the students on intervention. 

Our one-to-one Maths interventions are aimed at single cohorts of pupils (on average 10 pupils per year group). But we also provide our schools with access to our Third Space Maths Hub, an online toolkit filled with high-quality resources that are freely available for every teacher and pupil in the school to use. 

Your chosen maths intervention should dovetail as closely as possible with what pupils are learning in class, and ideally will be adaptable to your school’s calculation policy. Third Space resources are aligned to the White Rose Maths framework, with slides for every day teaching as well as resources with a specific focus on fluency, reasoning, problem solving, and diagnostic assessment.

Maths intervention in progress

We encourage pupils to become better mathematicians

Our expert tutors and mastery-based KS2 maths interventions help pupils develop confidence and a growth mindset in lessons, which translates to their learning as a whole.

Moreover pupils are taught in a bespoke primary focused online classroom with an engaging, interactive maths experience that increases their enthusiasm for maths as much as their abilities in it.

We have a proven record of success 

Since 2013 we have helped 50,000 pupils in the UK improve their maths abilities and confidence, across over 1700 schools. On average, Third Space pupils make seven months of progress in 14 weeks – a greater acceleration than any other service on the market. 

We’re proud of how positively our schools speak about us, so we’ve included a few of their thoughts below for you to see just how broad a range of impact Third Space could have for your school!

“We have a SEN and a pupil premium child who works with Third Space Learning and he met the national standard in his maths SATS. It was the impact of the maths intervention on his maths reasoning, particularly around his use of vocab, which was impressive.” Tamara Allen, Headteacher, Holme, CofE Primary School

“I have found resources like Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning invaluable. Thank you so much for making the resources so easy to use and accessible.” Tess Rose, Year 6 Teacher, The Brow CP School

“I enjoy coming here every Friday to do Third Space Learning. It makes me happy every time I come to school” Kate, Pupil, Year 6

How These Maths Intervention Programmes Could Help Your Primary School Pupils

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