Boosting KS2 maths performance through one-to-one teaching

Raise overall school performance with specialist programmes to support your target groups

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Our 1-to-1 online maths interventions are designed to boost KS2 maths attainment ahead of SATs in May. All our lessons include SATs style problem solving and reasoning activities with additional tasks for greater depth. Fill in the form to receive:

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We know it can be hard to provide personalised teaching to the pupils who need it most.

With our 1-to-1 interventions, we’ll provide you a with  specialist maths tutors to work online with your target pupils each week, meaning you don’t need to add to your teacher workload or spend time recruiting or training your staff.

Target pupils

You decide which pupils need additional support, based on pupil premium funding, attainment or confidence

Weekly online lessons

Pupils talk, write and reason their way through high quality 1-to-1 lessons via a shared screen and headset

Personalised Learning

Specialist tutors adapt lesson pitch and pace for each pupil, and progress is regularly reported back to you

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the weekly lessons work?

You choose your target pupils and your preferred timeslot, and each week they’ll have a session with their own specialist KS2 maths tutor. Sessions take place in our secure online classroom and are all fully interactive, with pupil and tutor talking, drawing and typing their way through their Maths problems via a shared screen and a headset.

How will you adapt to my school’s needs?

Working with over 700 primary schools and 7,000 pupils each week, we are the largest provider of 1-to-1 maths interventions in the UK. We’re adept at adapting our personalised lessons to support the scheme of work that each school follows.

My budget is extremely tight. Can you still help?

Speaking to so many schools on a daily basis, we’re aware of the challenges schools are currently facing. Schools of all different sizes and budgets have seen impact through our 1-to-1 interventions. Our mission has always been to support schools like these and we’re confident we can find a package to suit your school.

How do I know this will help the pupils in my school?

You choose the type of support each pupil needs. You decide to either select your preferred lessons from our bank of 270+, or opt for dynamic online assessment to identify key topics for each pupil. This allows tutors to tailor each session towards the specific needs of each individual pupil. You’re kept up to date with progress every step of the way.

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In a trial with Rising Stars, pupils receiving 1-to-1 from Third Space Learning made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks

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