KS2 Success in Maths Programme

Start Summer 2018 with year-round personalised maths teaching across KS2

Affordable 1-to-1 online maths interventions that supercharge pupils’ maths results


With the Third Space Maths Hub of resources and CPD


In a trial with Rising Stars, pupils receiving 1-to-1 maths interventions from Third Space Learning made seven months’ progress in 14 weeks.

Pupil confidence increases

Personalised learning in a low-stakes environment helps pupils become more confident and willing to engage in maths lessons.

Learning gaps are addressed

Adaptive assessment and the choice of over 270 maths lessons, ensures learning is specific to each pupil’s needs.

Teachers feel supported

Assessment, classroom resources and online CPD for all staff helps reduce teacher workload and bolster maths provision.

What you’ll get with our KS2 Success in Maths Programme:

We provide you with four terms (49 weeks) of 1-to-1 KS2 maths interventions  + access to all the resources on the our online Maths Hub for every member of your staff

  • We reserve tutors for your school for 4 terms starting April 2018
  • You decide which pupils take part every term
  • Maths intervention programmes to suit the pupil; you choose from Teacher Selection, Diagnostic, or SATs
  • Change the target pupils and programme each term to your school’s needs and maths strategy
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Here’s one way you could use the KS2 Success in Maths Programme…

We will work with you to create a personalised KS2 maths programme for your context to ensure all your target groups receive the 1-to-1 KS2 maths interventions.

Summer ’18

Intervene early with Year 5s ensuring a successful start in Autumn

Autumn ’18

Rotate your cohort to your next target year group before Spring

Spring ’19

Boost your most needy Year 6 before SATs

Summer ’19

Plug outstanding gaps for your Years 3, 4 and 5

Give all your staff access to the Third Space Maths Hub year round to support planning and teaching in maths across the school

See it for yourself with a free trial!

What better way to see how Third Space Learning works than by seeing it for yourself? Get in touch today to set up a free 1-to-1 Maths session for two of your pupils.

Your chosen pupils will work with their own specialist Maths tutor to plug learning gaps in our online classroom.

You’ll choose from our bank of over 270 Maths lessons, and choose your preferred time and date for their sessions.

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Created by Maths Specialists

Our KS2 maths interventions are carefully designed by a team of experienced practitioners and academic experts.

Built for School Budgets

By using technology we’re able to lower the price of 1-to-1 maths interventions and can adjust the number of places to suit your school context.

Quick and Easy

We can easily fit alongside your current teaching schedule and pupils can access personalised 1-to-1 maths interventions in a matter of days. Teachers receive instant Maths Hub access.

Low Risk

We believe in what we do – all of our KS2 maths interventions come with a six-week money-back guarantee.

We’ve prepared 30,000+ pupils for SATs

We’ve worked with 1,200+ UK primary schools

We’ve provided 250,000+ hours of 1-to-1 maths interventions

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