KS2 Maths Catch Up

In the Autumn term, specialist Maths tutors will work 1-to-1 each week with your pupils to plug learning gaps, develop reasoning skills and help them meet their age related expectations.

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Intervention timeline

KS2 Catch Up (Autumn 2017)

One Term Catch Up Intervention
  • Weekly 1-to-1 lessons to accelerate pupil progress in Maths
  • Build your pupils’ confidence and verbal fluency with numerical concepts
  • Plug learning gaps and secure key concepts
  • Build problem solving and reasoning skills

How it works

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You identify the pupils to target
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You are in control of the children's learning
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Each pupil works with their own 1-to-1 Maths tutor
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Focus on depth and mastery
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You are kept updated with your pupils’ progress

What our teachers & pupils say

From £16 per pupil per lesson

From £189 per pupil per term

Reduced price for 2 or 3 term purchases

(60 minutes lesson once per week)

Money-back guarantee

Contact us in the first 6 weeks and you can cancel the sessions and receive a full refund!

Get in touch to see for yourself

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Pupil and teacher experience

You'll get a clear idea of how the 1-to-1 sessions work in practice, how to set up and manage it, and how pupils respond to it.

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Curriculum and pedagogy

You'll be able to review and download our 270 lessons and revision packs and take a tour around our online school platform.

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