The Ofsted-Proof Guide to an Effective Whole School Maths Strategy

  • A step-by-step primary Maths framework to help you plan and prepare for your next inspection
  • Written by teacher, Maths Subject Leader and Ofsted Inspector John Dabell with Third Space Learning
  • Essential guidance, checklists and 10-point action plan for Headteachers and School Leaders
  • Audit what’s working well, prioritise activities for greatest impact and understand the principles behind Ofsted's new inspection practice 

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The Ofsted-Proof Guide to an Effective Whole School Maths Strategy Cover Image

What's included?

  • RAG rated strategic checklist
  • Pre-inspection school questionnaire
  • The single piece of paper a Headteacher needs to prepare for Ofsted
  • Expectations from a depth and mastery approach to Maths
  • Analysis of several hundred Maths subject surveys
  • Spotlight on monitoring, scrutiny and assessment
  • Recommendations for your School Improvement Plan
  • Up to the minute advice, guidance and recommendations from the Workload Report Groups and the November 2016 School Inspection Update

What teachers say

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Maths progress and attainment was our lowest this year under the new curriculum. This resource looks great. We plan to use it to support our school in improving Maths for all.

Trudi Sharred, Headteacher
Bluebell Primary School

Quote 2652d14392ea98993d8a911471ed6498293592d7955b948294d5587bbd9a2c8c

I love the Third Space Learning resources!

Juhi Fatima, KS2 Teacher
London school

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