Transform Maths Across Your Primary School

Using 1-to-1 interventions from our Maths specialists and a toolkit of assessment, online CPD, and resources for your school

What We Do

1-to-1 Maths Interventions

We believe 1-to-1 tuition is one of the most effective ways of improving a pupils’ attainment in Maths. Every week, each of your target pupils receives a 1-to-1 online lesson with their own Maths tutor to plug gaps and accelerate progress. Multiple pupils can have their 1-to-1 sessions simultaneously. You’ll choose the lessons and receive regular progress reports.

Diagnostic Assessment

A thorough understanding of your pupils’ gaps and misconceptions is essential for effective class teaching. You can use our 60 topic-based diagnostic assessments (covering Year 3 to Year 6) to identify gaps, highlight misconceptions and assess pupil progress. Pre-topic tests highlight target areas and post-topic tests support you in identifying progress.

Classroom Resources

For most schools, fluency and problem solving are top priorities in Maths. Our collections of problem solving questions and challenges are designed to help Key Stage 2 pupils apply their learning. We have topical maths problems for each day and a structured daily arithmetic scheme to help pupils build fluency.  

Online CPD

The quality of the class teaching your pupils receive is the biggest determinant of achievement in Maths. But traditional CPD is broken. It’s expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. We’ve recruited experienced practitioners to create concise, effective online CPD focused on Maths subject knowledge, pedagogy and mastery

Our Impact

In a 2016 trial with Rising Stars, pupils who had weekly interventions from Third Space Learning tutors made 7 months' progress over 14 weeks.

Are you looking for January SATs support?

Boost Y6 from January with our SATs Booster: 1-to1 SATs preparation and a toolkit of revision resources, SATs specific CPD and our SATs assessment engine

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