Building a world of opportunity

How we do it?

We build systems to rapidly train and qualify a global community of online teachers, equipping them with the tools to share their knowledge with students around the world.

Why does it matter?

We face a global and systemic challenge in teacher supply. This impacts the poorest in society. We want to help solve this critical problem.

Our Stack

Tech Challenges


Schools are starting to move to touch based devices, and want to use these to enhance the quality, flexibility and effectiveness of our platform. We are looking a variety of native, web and hybrid approaches.


We've partnered with leading universities including UCL to mine our 300'000 hours of online teaching. We’ll be building a groundbreaking augmented tutor platform, to continuously measure, report on and guide tutors. A chance to put all those buzzwords like AI, machine learning, neural networks to work!

Virtual Classroom

Our classroom delivers 6000 lessons a week, and is the key meeting place where learning happens. We are always looking for new ways to delight students and empower tutors.


As our business rapidly grows so do the demands on our platform. Micro-services, resilience, redundancy, optimisation and security are all key topics we need people working on.

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