How can you ensure your Year 6 pupils reach expected standard in the 2019 Key Stage 2 Maths SATs? We can’t make promises, but a clear revision plan for plugging misconceptions and activities for Reasoning and Arithmetic practice is a great start.

If last year’s results were not as expected, if closing the attainment gap in Maths is part of your SIP or if you’re just looking for ideas to ensure your Year 6 ‘smash their SATs’ in May 2019 KS2 National Assessments, then this Year 6 Maths Catch-up and Revision Guide for KS2 is the one for you.

We’ve worked with TES blogger, Rising Stars author, and Assistant Head and teacher Claire Lotriet to pull together some of the best ideas for plugging gaps in Maths, building strong foundations, and ensuring that your Year 6 class can enter the national tests with confidence and tried and tested strategies they know how to use.

For 17 teacher-tested techniques to help Year 6 ace their SATs, download this revision guide

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Year 6 Maths Catch-up and Revision Guide

Friendly, approachable style from a teacher with proven success in KS2 National Assessments

What’s included?

After reading this guide, we guarantee you will have an activity to test out in class tomorrow. The Revision Guide shows you

  • Why everybody should be doing 5 a day and how you can start it

  • How to boil down an algorithm

  • How to deal with tricky multiplication and division questions

  • Test techniques to sort the trickier questions from the easier ones

  • The 5 steps in the problem-solving cycle

  • How to develop mathematical thinking through explanations

  • The variations to a Maths reasoning problem that can trip children up and how to fix this

  • How to use catch-phrases to your advantage

Download your Year 6 Maths Catch-up and Revision Guide for KS2

What next if you need more support for SATs?

If you have pupils who need more support for SATs, we can help. Our specialist Maths tutors will work 1-to-1 each week with those pupils who need it to revise key concepts, plug learning gaps, and help them make accelerated progress. Over 50% of our pupils are funded through pupil premium to help close the gap.

Find out more about diagnosing learning gaps in your pupils from the outset to avoid last minute catch-up and learn how your pupils can experience accelerated progress, develop problem solving skills, and have bolstered confidence with our Year 6 Maths SATs Foundation programme.

For more revision tips to prepare for the 2018 SATs find read out blog: How to Your Ace Year 6 SATs (Revision Maths KS2).

Sophie Bessemer , Content Team , Third Space Learning

An education publisher, content editor and primary school governor, Sophie works at Third Space producing resources and sharing best practice