Why You Should Join The 90,000 Teachers and School Leaders Using The Free Resources in Our Maths Hub

Here at Third Space Learning our mission has always been to help schools transform KS2 maths attainment; providing teachers with the tools and resources to do their job more effectively and more efficiently is key to this. 

That’s why, as well as our one-to-one interventions, we’ve created the Third Space Maths Hub, an online library of hundreds of top-quality maths resources, support guides and CPD videos. 

The Maths Hub comes included at no additional cost with all of our intervention programmes but it’s also available separately, in both free and premium subscription packages. 

If you’re already signed up to the Maths Hub (or already quite familiar with it), read our Beginner’s Guide to the Maths Hub or watch the webinar

What IS the Third Space Maths Hub? 

Put simply, it’s our effort to help teachers and schools improve their pupils’ maths attainment on a large scale. 

Our interventions are fantastic for developing the learning of schools’ target pupils, but no school has the budget or resources to get interventions for entire year groups. 

The Maths Hub bridges that gap, providing resources that can be used for whole classes. It also includes resources aimed at teachers, including CPD videos and guides for topics e.g. effective diagnostic assessment. 

Think of the Maths Hub as a complementary part of your teaching; it works with lessons and interventions to further improve pupils’ maths abilities. 

What’s available in the Maths Hub?

The Third Space Maths Hub is split into two main sections: our Resource Library, and the daily maths challenge. 

Daily Maths Challenges

Daily Maths Challenge is available to everyone. It’s an ever changing daily activity that you can use with your class. 

You can use it as a maths starter, a morning activity, or just a way to help your pupils learn more about the world. 

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Third Space Resource Library

The Resource Library is where the majority of our resources are located. Anyone can access the Library, but in order to download a resource you either need premium access or to sign up for a free account. Luckily, registering an account is free!

We have hundreds of resources available,including: 

We’ll explain each of them a little below, but if you want to see them for yourself, visit the Maths hub now. 

Fluent in Five

Our most popular download, Fluent in Five is a frequently-updated series of short daily activities to improve maths fluency for Years 1 to 6. 

Each Fluent in Five activity comes with a usage guide, a progression document explaining how and why it helps pupils, and both question and answer slides. 

An example of the Third Space Fluent-in-Five activities

Download Weeks 1 to 6 of our Fluent in Five activities for your year group for FREE by following the link below:

KS1: Fluent in Five Weeks 1 to 6

KS2: Fluent in Five Weeks 1 to 6

Rapid Reasoning

What is says on the tin – Rapid Reasoning activities are designed to help pupils solve reasoning problems quicker. They’re available for Years 3 to 6. 

As well as questions and answers (3-4 per activity), our Rapid Reasoning resources also include modelled questions that break down how they might be answered. 

Third Space Maths Hub Rapid Reasoning example

Just like Fluent in Five, Rapid Reasoning comes with a clear progression document to explain how it helps pupils. 

Free Maths Hub users can download Rapid Reasoning activities for Weeks 1 to 6 for their year groups by clicking the links below:

Rapid Reasoning Weeks 1 to 6

Pre- and Post-Topic Assessments

A fantastic way to formatively assess pupils’ understanding and retention of topics, our pre- and post-topic assessments are available for Years 3 to 6. 

Assessments are multiple choice, and their mark schemes address the misconceptions that may have led to incorrect answers. 

Third Space Post-topic assessment example

The first set of assessments – on place value – can be downloaded by free Maths Hub registrants from the link below:

Place Value Diagnostic Assessments

Ready-to-Go Lesson Slides

Our pre-prepared, White Rose Maths aligned lessons are a great way to relieve some of the pressure during those hectic weeks where you might not have time to plan your lessons. 

Lessons are available for Key Stages 1 and 2, and the activities we use can be easily modified to best suit your class. 

TSL Maths Hub white rose lesson slides

The Autumn term Place Value block is available for free download, and selected other blocks will also be made free throughout the year. Find the links below: 

Place Value (Autumn Block) Lesson Slides Years 1 to 6

Further Reasoning: All Kinds of Word Problems

This suite of resources are excellent for pupils working at or towards Greater Depth level, and cover a variety of topics from throughout the year. 

We’ve written problem sheets for Years 3 to 6, each with 10 standard questions and one challenge question at the end. 

all kinds of word problems third space maths hub

A selection of Place Value worksheets for Year 3 to 6 are available for free Maths Hub members to download. Find the link for your year group below:

Place Value Word Problems Years 1 to 6

Year 6 specific resources

Practice papers, revision packs, videos modelling how to solve SATs problems – the Maths Hub is filled with resources to ensure your Year 6 pupils feel totally prepared for their SATs. 

All our papers are based on previous years’ exams, from 2016 to 2018 (2019 coming soon!)

TSL Year 6 revision paper

Free Maths Hub members can follow the link below to download our first two practice Arithmetic papers:

SATs Practice Paper: Arithmetic

Video CPD

We have over 100 videos covering a variety of CPD topics on our Maths Hub. 

Our ‘Maths in Minutes’ videos are flexible, bite-sized bits of CPD that are perfect for quickly familiarising yourself with a new year or topic. 

‘Maths Masterclasses’ offer deep dives into particular topics, a great way to develop your department’s collective knowledge – and they’re all led by experienced maths practitioners, so you can be sure of their value. 

‘SATs Masterclasses’ bring the deep dive, expert-led format to the SATs period, giving your NQTs or teachers new to Key Stage 2 an easy way to get themselves up to speed on what to expect from SATs. 

Third Space Learning Maths Hub Video CPD

Find our free Maths Masterclass videos – on Fractions, Multiplication and Lesson Observation – at the link below:

CPD: Maths Masterclass Videos

Why is the Third Space Maths Hub a better option? 

Of course, the measure of our Maths Hub isn’t just the resources available – it’s what makes them better than similar resources from other sites (or that you might already have in-school). 


We pride ourselves on the quality of our resources. From creation to upload (and afterwards) they’re constantly refined and improved on. 

All our resources are made by maths teachers, for maths teachers. They’re built from the ground up to the highest quality standards, and reviewed several times before being uploaded to the Maths Hub. 

Once they’re part of the Resource Library, they’re regularly checked and updated – to match curriculum changes, new techniques and new styles. This way we (and you) can be sure our resources are up to date and cutting edge. 


Because we take the time to edit our resources centrally, they’re internally consistent; each resource in a series has the same format, style and structure as all the others. 

This has two benefits. First, it means you always know what to expect; there will be no unexpected activities, or images thrown in without explanations. 

Second, it means less work for you. Some websites provide plenty of resources, but all of them from different authors in different styles and formats – and pupils will notice and comment on this in lessons. 

Our internally consistent style means that throughout the year you can use our resources without having to make many superficial changes to introduce some consistency. 


Sometimes you might find a fantastic starter resource for your class and wish it could be modified easily to become a plenary. 

With Third Space resources, that’s exactly what you can do. All our activities are intended to be flexible, taken out of their wider resource and used where it best fits for your class – whether that’s as a starter, for consolidation, or in a revision lesson. 


The best resource in the world is useless if it doesn’t explain itself, to you or your pupils. 

That’s why Third Space provides guides with all our resources which explain not just how an activity should be run, but how it helps your pupils and even why they might give incorrect answers. 

This way you’ll be prepared for any questions, and don’t have to worry about where you’ll be going next in the lesson!

What do other teachers think about it?

Quote by Tess Rose on Third Space maths interventions

Quote by Pete Richardson about Third Space maths interventions

How do I join? 

You can register to join the Third Space Maths Hub for FREE right now. 

With a free account you’ll be able to download and use a selection from our Resource Library, as well as Topical 365. 

We also have a Premium Maths Hub service for schools, which makes the full Resource Library available to you, for a small subscription fee. 

Finally, if you sign up for our one-to-one maths intervention programme, your school will receive a Premium Maths Hub subscription at no additional cost. 

The best way to know is to try it!

Hopefully this post has given you a better understanding of what the Third Space Maths Hub is and what you could gain from it. 

But just like our 1-to-1 interventions, we believe the proof is in the pudding. Why not register today and try some of our resources out? Experience for yourself just how useful our Maths Hub can be. 

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