For the year ahead, we wish to support schools with even more helpful teaching ideas. (In fact, we’d like to assist you in raising parental engagement in children’s learning too, but more about that later…)

Every week we will be providing ready-to-go resources for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, as well as a smorgasbord of activities for Key Stage 1 too.

We will be releasing a weekly batch of PowerPoints for each Key Stage 2 year group, as well as daily arithmetic and problem-solving practice for Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as we continue to produce our handy Fluent in Five and release our brand new for the 2018/2019 academic year resource, Rapid Reasoning.

On top of all the fantastic resources, some new, some of which will be similar in format from previous years’ winning resources, we will also be providing daily teaching ideas by way of various hashtags via our social media channels. If you aren’t following the Third Space Learning Facebook page, Twitter account, or if you’re yet to join our various Facebook groups (Key Stage 1, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6), then now is the time to get involved!

From now, every Monday will be #metamonday – we will introduce and discuss various ways of getting children involved more actively with metacognition – thinking about thinking – strategies to get them thinking about their strategies be it for arithmetic, solving word problems, or other forms of reasoning and problem solving.

Every Tuesday we will be focusing on times tables as part of #timestablestuesday. Each week a different times table will be in the limelight, with a helpful, practical and pictorial memorization and consolidation task being showcased.

Wednesdays will mean getting up and about – we will be leading with a cross-curricular Maths-PE activity, similar to the ideas we’ve shared in our kick starting 9 Amazing Place Value Games Blog. We will be doing our best to make sure each #wednesdayworkitout falls in line with the units that will be covered at each point throughout the academic year ahead.

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Thursdays will focus on finding real-world applications of Maths, tying it into what’s happening more broadly within our communities – be it in the news, a hot topic, a National Day, or a ‘what happened on this day’ style resource – as part of #themedthursday. We’ve got plenty of experience with themed resources, as any of you who have used our topical maths will know already! (If you haven’t used topical maths before, find some examples here.)

Fridays will be all about reasoning, problem solving, unpicking mathematical riddles and conundrums as part of #figureitoutfriday. Again, we will be working hard to ensure each #figureitoutfriday will be aligned with the units most likely to be taught at various points throughout the 2018/2019 academic year.

Saturday will give you ideas for the week ahead on how to get creative with whichever unit you’re focusing on at school, be it algebra, fractions, geometry or place value. We think it’s really important for children to be encouraged to make, break and fix things – a key practical application of Mathematics. So, we hope you enjoy the various Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Architecture and Maths ideas we will be sharing as part of #saturdaySTEAM. Again, we will be working hard to ensure our artistic or technological tasks fall in line with the units being covered in schools throughout the academic year ahead.

Finally, each Sunday we will be placing an engaging outdoor Maths activity in the spotlight. Think country walks, mudlarking, or exploring the local park, with handy hints to allow your pupils to find numbers, shapes and mathematical rules in nature.  (If you’re chomping at the bit to get some outdoor Maths ideas, we have a great blog post here already!) Anyway, we hope that you find our #sundaysaunter ideas helpful and that the children in your class are eager to get outdoors and stomp around in Maths-filled environments.

It is our mission at Third Space Learning to get young people talking about Maths. Our online one-to-one interventions, led by real tutors, encourage real, deep mathematical conversation between each child and their dedicated adult.

We want to take all we’ve learnt from the thousands of Maths lessons we teach each week to share ideas to get children talking about Maths more and more as they work their way through their learning journey.

1-to-1 maths intervention
A pupil enjoying a 1-to-1 maths lesson with her Third Space Learning Tutor.

We’re fortunate enough to spend an hour one-to-one each week with the children at the schools we support, and we know that teachers across the country are doing all they can within an already packed curriculum to do the same. So, we hope the ideas we share will help more and more children to get talking about Maths.

We know that we only have one hour per week to talk about Maths with the children at schools signed up to our interventions, and that teachers only have around five hours of teaching time per day with their classes. To ensure the most children have the greatest chance of feeling comfortable and confident about Maths, they need support and encouragement in their learning from engaged parents. It’s no great secret that parental engagement is time and time again shown to be the greatest differentiator between confidence and a lack of confidence in learning for children.

Alongside providing handy teaching ideas for teachers via our Third Space Learning social channels, we will be sharing simple ideas for parents to encourage and support their children’s learning at home – providing greater opportunities for mathematical conversations beyond the classroom – by sharing a mirrored programme of daily hashtags for families via our sister brand’s social channels.

So, please encourage parents to follow the Matr Facebook page, Matr Twitter and Matr Instagram accounts, so they have a steady stream of strategies, which we hope will make them feel more comfortable and confident in supporting their children’s learning in Maths, with plenty of creative and active cross-curricular tasks to be getting on with at home, in the car, on the bus, on the walk to school, in the park, at the shops, too!

Take a look at the 20 Maths Strategies At KS2 That We Use in Our Teaching to Guarantee Progress for Any Pupil and gain some ideas to use in your classroom this term!

Alexander Athienitis , Social Media Manager ,

Alexander was most recently a Year 6 teacher in Tower Hamlets. He is working on developing the Maths Hub and sharing the power of 1-to-1 interventions via Third Space Learning's social media channels.