As part of our commitment to supporting primary schools in maths we’ve made available to download 6 totally new free SATs papers to help you practice and prepare for the KS2 Maths SATs 2018. 

In May 2018 your Year 6 pupils will be sitting their Key Stage 2 SATs or 2018 National Assessments. This does not of course mean that all you should be doing with your Year 6 between now and then is revision – there are still new topics to cover. But a period of revision is essential to prepare your pupils for the  KS2 SATs both academically and emotionally. 

SATS papers as part of your revision strategy for KS2 SATs 2018

Inevitably a key part of your revision strategy will be to use practice SATs papers, sample KS2 SATs tests, ideally in exactly the same format as your Year 6 pupils will sit in May.

Given we’re so recently into the new national curriculum with only two years of government KS2 national tests it won’t be long before you’ve used up your SATs 2016 and SATs 2017 arithmetic and reasoning tests and you’ll be looking around for more. 

And you’ll find them – there are plenty of publishers selling good quality practice SATs papers 2018 – but at a price.

Free SATs papers online as requested by teachers

Our goal is to support schools throughout their Maths improvement journey in a way that is targeted and affordable. This means 1-to-1 interventions for those pupils who need extra support, and for classroom work across all of Key Stage 2, KS2 Maths resources teachers need, when they need them.

So when teachers came to us and said what we really need is more KS2 SATs papers, that’s what we created. The difference is that we’ve made these SATS papers free to download online.

These SATS practice papers been created by curriculum and assessment experts to be as close a match to the real thing.

Sample Arithmetic Question from SATs Paper Pack 1

What you should know about our KS2 SATS papers for 2017 and 2018

Apart from the fact they’re free! 

So far we have created a total of 6 SATs papers:

Pack 1 (2016-2017) 2 SATs reasoning tests and 1 SATs arithmetic test

Pack 2 (2017-2018) 2 SATs reasoning tests and 1 SATs arithmetic test

Each paper contains the same number and type of SATs questions as your Year 6 pupils will get during the government national assessments or KS2 SATs tests.

Every SATs question has been created entirely new – these are not variations on existing KS2 SATs papers

Answers are provided for every SATs reasoning and arithmetic paper in each pack.

The answer sheet for these SATs papers includes a mark scheme to find out where your pupils need extra support.

Each question is identified not just by its marks but by its content domain reference codes from the government National Assessment Framework – these can be found here.

The codes show coverage of topic areas across the papers and give teachers the ability to pinpoint what each pupil can and can’t do, leading to tailored teaching and better outcomes.

The questions cover the same range of of content domains and demand descriptors you would expect to see in the SATs papers

As in the 2018 KS2 SATs, the arithmetic and the reasoning papers are progressive, with the SATs questions getting increasingly difficult as you progress.

All the SATs papers have been thoroughly reviewed by a panel of teachers. Here’s what they say:
“I think this is the best Arithmetic practice paper that I’ve seen” Aidan Severs, Primary Maths Lead
“These tests are an excellent tool for teachers to assess children and an invaluable tool to prepare children for the KS2 SATs” David Stringer, Year 6 Team Leader

Did we mention they’re free?!

Download free SATs Papers KS2

SATs Paper Reasoning Question: Geometry and Shapes
Sample Reasoning Question from SATs Paper Pack 2

How you can use our free SATs practice papers

Most obviously you can use our practice maths papers them as a timed ‘mock SATs’ to give your Year 6 pupils valuable exposure to the sorts of questions in a similar order to that which they’ll get during their National Assessments KS2 SATs in May 2018.

Knowing how pupils perform under test conditions on an ‘as real’ practice SATs paper can give you a baseline or an interim ‘predicted’ result for your Year 6. 30 minutes is the time for the KS2 SATs Arithmetic tests and 40 minutes for each KS2 SATs Reasoning test.

You can also use our SATs papers to assess gaps. Each question in the SATs practice reasoning papers have been categorised according to level of difficulty (Working towards expected standard; Working at expected standard; Working at greater depth within expected standard) and guidance has been given on mark thresholds providing a more accurate assessment of your pupils. You’ll soon see both individual gaps and patterns across class when you go through the results with pupils.

The free SATs arithmetic papers are progressive and allow teachers to diagnose precursor knowledge (questions towards the front of the paper); if misconceptions exists here, these will have an impact on later concepts.

Just by sitting down and having a go at practice SATs papers pupils will be building their confidence around SATs and feeling better prepared to tackle their KS2 SATs Maths test in May 2018 and reassured that it’s not the great unknown.

Help Year 6 develop their test skills and build their confidence in an exam style environment with a set of 3 free practice Maths SATs papers

SATs practice & papers free

KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers: Set of 3 (Pack 1)

1 Arithmetic and 2 Reasoning Papers in line with new National Curriculum Assessment, including mark scheme to find out where your pupils need extra support

SATs Paper Pack 2 Reasoning Question - Measurement
Sample Reasoning Question from SATs Paper Pack 1

Adapt lessons according to Year 6 pupils’ needs pre KS2 SATs 2018

The variety of question types and problem solving  questions in the Reasoning papers also allows teachers to assess the types of SATs questions pupils may be struggling at and so adapt lessons accordingly to give further practice to these reasoning and problem solving skills. 

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Here are the links to the  free practice SATs papers for your Year 6 again.

Pack 1 (2016-2017) 2 SATs reasoning tests and 1 SATs arithmetic test

Pack 2 (2017-2018) 2 SATs reasoning tests and 1 SATs arithmetic test

Take away the stress of KS2 SATs 2018

You know your pupils best – from their favourite lunchtime treat right down to their existing learning gaps.

Most schools have a group of target pupils who require intensive 1-to-1 Maths support to enable them to meet their age related expectations. We provide such support to over 6000 KS2 pupils every week in their final year of primary school. Find out how we can take the stress out of SATs for you and your pupils with a personalised maths intervention

“In Autumn we had 49% of children on track to achieve ARE (Age related expectations). As a direct result of quality first teaching using products from Third Space and specific intervention on a 1:1 basis for a sustained period of time, tailor made to meet the needs of individual pupils up to the SATs, resulted in an outstanding shift in results. Without a doubt our 100% ARE in Year 6 was based upon the materials and skills invested by Third Space and their tutors. Many thanks Third Space” Yvonne Whaley, Deputy Headteacher, Toll Bar Primary, Doncaster.

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Sophie Bessemer , Content Team , Third Space Learning

An education publisher, content editor and primary school governor, Sophie works at Third Space producing resources and sharing best practice