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75 KS2 SATs Questions By Topic In Maths

We use thousands of KS2 SATs questions every week as part of our Year 6 SATs intervention programme and we thought it was about time we started to share these with you.

SATs 2022 will be going ahead in May 2022.

Here you’ll find links to a selection of our Year 6 maths questions collected into maths SATs questions by topic on the following:

  • Addition and Subtraction SATs Questions
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages SATs Questions
  • Place Value SATs Questions

If you want to just download them straight away, follow the link below.

Set Of 3 Year 6 Topic Based Practice Tests, Third Space Learning

75 Year 6 SATs Questions for Maths (FREE)

3 topic based practice SATs tests for Year 6 on Addition, Subtraction; Fractions, Decimals, Percentages; Place Value

The reason we use SATs questions in our one-to-one interventions

It’s our belief that part of good Year 6 preparation for the Key Stage 2 National Assessments is practice on SATs papers. This is not to hot-house or pressure your Year 6 pupils, but to help reassure them that they have the skills, question techniques, and stamina for SATs to do their best in both the arithmetic and reasoning papers.

tsl sats revision slide
An example revision slide from Third Space Learning’s online interventions. Here a SATs-style question has been broken down to help build understanding.

About these KS2 SATs questions

These questions have been designed to use as part of your Year 6 maths revision programme. As you revise one of these key Year 6 topics, just download the set of SATs questions you need.

They cover the sorts of arithmetic and reasoning questions pupils can expect from this topic in a SATs exam, including many word problems. You can expect to find questions on comparing equivalent fractions, or missing numbers as well as some more tricky year 6 reasoning questions on addition and subtraction.

All of these Year 6 SATs questions have been matched to the standard of past papers. It’s up to you whether you set each paper as a complete test or separate questions (e.g. as a worksheet).

Each set of questions should take around about 20 – 35 minutes to complete altogether. Keep in mind it is an assessment used to find gaps in knowledge as opposed to a timed test and most suitable for Year 6 pupils preparing for SATs 2022.

The questions get progressively harder as you progress through each test, and assess pupils’ mental maths as well as their ability to tackle worded problems. A mark scheme and answer sheet is provided showing the link to the KS2 National Curriculum and demand descriptors.

KS2 SATs Place Value Questions

These questions target the knowledge of our base ten number system and the pupil’s ability to manipulate numbers, especially larger numbers and decimal numbers. Here are some sample SATs questions for place value.

tsl place value sample question
tsl place value question sample
tsl sats questions ks2 place value sample

For more SATs practice questions and answers download your free KS2 SATs Place Value Questions and Test

KS2 SATs Addition and Subtraction Questions

These incorporate both arithmetic and reasoning practice to help draw out any areas of weakness in your class. Here are some sample SATs questions for addition and subtraction.

tsl addition subtraction sample question
tsl sats questions ks2 addition subtraction sample
tsl addition subtraction questions sample

For more SATs practice questions and answers, download the KS2 SATS Addition and Subtraction Questions and Test

KS2 SATs Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Questions

Like the others these include a variety of different styles of questions to encourage using and applying in different contexts. Here are some sample SATs questions for fractions, decimals and percentages.

tsl sats questions ks2 fractions sample
tsl sats questions fractions sample
tsl sample question fractions

For more SATs practice questions and answers, download your free KS2 Fractions, Percentages and Decimals Questions and Test 

Other sources of KS2 SATs Questions for Year 6

The best place to find more Key Stage 2 SATs questions is in our online maths hub of primary maths resources. This is a treasure trove of thousands of primary school resources from Fluent in Five to Rapid Reasoning, as well as SATs Revision Lessons and many more practice papers and practice tests for SATs. All the resources have been developed with fluency, reasoning and problem solving at the heart of them, following a maths mastery approach to KS2 maths.

We’ve also got a few more free samples from our maths hub available for you:

Free KS2 SATs Papers – We’re giving away 4 maths reasoning papers and 2 arithmetic papers to every primary school so grab yours now. Includes sats-style questions, answers and marking scheme.

Free Year 6 SATs Revision Resources – lots of great links in here to more SATs questions, SATs preparation ideas and test papers.

Year 6 Diagnostic Quizzes – if you need more help identifying specific gaps in your Year 6 pupils’ knowledge this set of diagnostic maths tests breaks down using multiple choice exactly what the misconception is that a child holds for every question they get wrong. This set also includes multiplication and division questions.

We also recommend taking a look at our 8 strategies for answering SATs questions.

What kind of questions can you expect in this year’s KS2 Maths SATs test? 

It’s always bit of a guessing game, but last year and in the 3 previous we’ve taken the time to analyse the content of each past SATs paper to work out what the examiners have tested so far, what they might test in the future and what you order you should plan your revision programme for SATs 2022. Here is our recommended order of lessons as per our SATs revision programme.

TSL SATs 2020 Lesson Sequence

And here is our analysis of the past SATs maths papers:

Looking to give your Year 6 pupils greater support in preparation for SATs? 

Every year we provide thousands of Year 6 pupils with online, one-to-one maths interventions to help boost their skills and confidence before the Key Stage 2 SATs.

Primary schools come back to us time after time with their target Year 6 because ours is a SATs intervention with proven success – our pupils make an average of 7 months progress in just 14 weeks because we use an Initial Diagnostic Assessment to gauge the needs of each child and provide them with a lesson plan tailored to them, and taught by a professionally-trained, subject specialist tutor.

Places are available now on our 2022 SATs Revision Programme. To find out how we could support your Year 6 pupils to reach expected standard and beyond, call 0203 771 0095 or book a demo with one of our schools team today.


Primary school tuition targeted to the needs of each child and closely following the National Curriculum.

Wendy Liu
Wendy Liu
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Wendy has over 17 years' experience in primary education, from Assessment Lead to Assistant Head. She writes about her passion, Mastery pedagogy, on our blog.
Downloadable resource

75 Year 6 SATs Questions for Maths (FREE)

3 topic based practice SATs tests for Year 6 on Addition, Subtraction; Fractions, Decimals, Percentages; Place Value

Download Now

75 Year 6 SATs Questions for Maths (FREE)

Downloadable resource

3 topic based practice SATs tests for Year 6 on Addition, Subtraction; Fractions, Decimals, Percentages; Place Value

Download Now