Happy Holidays! Third Space Topical Maths Spring-term 2017 Roundup

By David Leighton 

What did schools send in to Third Space Learning this spring with our KS2 Topical Maths Spring series round-up. Plus what's next for our Topical Maths series?

Spring is arguably the greatest season. As winter passes the hallmark cold, bright mornings mark the coming of summer. It’s a time for digging out the ice-cream, early morning jogs, and (of course) Third Space Learning’s Spring-term topical Maths series!

In particular, this spring has been a hugely exciting time for us here at Third Space; seeing the release of our new topical Maths series, including several blog posts, a Spring-term KS2 Topical Maths Problems resource, and a (numeracy)shed-load of fun (read: bad maths puns).

Our blog posts have covered several calendar dates this term, from Hearth Month, British Science Week, and Holi, to World Book Day, International Women's Day, and Red Nose Day. We’ve been simply amazed by the responses from schools participating in the fun and using our activities.

Free download: 

20 topical maths problems and investigations for June - July 2017

While it’s always incredible to see people utilising our resources - and pupils enjoying them! - it’s only fair we recognise the incredible schools, teachers, and people who have taken to social media to share their teaching with us. So without further ado, here are some tweets we received from schools like yours this series.

International Women's Day

Miss P's class celebrated #InternationalWomensDay in style, showcasing some of the greatest Mathematical minds in history:

World Book Day

While F Bethel's Maths class slammed numeracy across the curriculum with our James and the Giant Peach #WorldBookDay maths investigations:

Also see Wendy Vanhegan's pupil enjoying her Third Space session Wizard of Oz style! Admittedly this one is from last year, but it's too good not to share again - can you really blame us?

Wendy v

Red Nose Day 

Red Nose Day this year was an incredible success. Comic relief has raised a staggering £73,026,234 so far, which will be put towards transforming lives in the UK and Africa. Plus, lots of schools got involved in the giving, fun, and used our resources to boot.

Clytha Primary looked deep in concentration as they got stuck into our 'Money Maths' investigations, we definitely have some #mathstronauts here (full link to tweet here).


Meanwhile, Bede Primary School submitted some stellar mathematical calculations, great work guys! 


See the full tweet here

 We also saw a Parks Academy's Year 6 class laser focused on greater depth percentage and were enormously proud.

 Parks acad

See the full tweet here.

Then James Jones sent a video of his pupils engaged and cracking on with our Money Maths investigations - see the full video here and just listen to the buzz in that room!

James jones1

Before sending this absolutely heart-warming tweet of his pupils saying thank you, view the full version of the video here - it's worth it!


Needless to say an audible 'aww' circulated the room. This was exactly the kind of tweet that reminds us why we go to work in the morning. Of course, with such a heartfelt tweet we just had to reply to show our appreciation. In fact, everyone who tweeted us @thirdspacetweet got a red-nosed thank you video. You can see the full version of one of our thank you videos here.

Were a very happy team, as we love receiving pictures, videos, and tweets of your pupils using our resources and are always more than willing to send a quick thank you video back, so tweet us @thirdspacetweet with your pupils' #mathsmusclesworking!


What's next for Topical Maths?

Unfortunately, our spring-term topical maths series has come to and end. Needless to say, we were beyond overwhelmed with how many teachers found both the resource and the blog posts useful. Therefore, we have an announcement.

Summer Term Topical Maths

There will be a summer-term topical maths series, as well as a corresponding investigation based resource!

Just like last the spring term series, we will include 20 topical problems in one resource, for you to print and give to your students in lessons. Moreover, we will publish blog posts with investigations for you to use in the classroom.

So watch this space...because topical maths summer term is coming soon. For more updates on the release date of the resource, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Follow the links below for our topical Maths investigation series for summer-term 2017:

  1. Share-a-Story Month activities
  2. Walk to School Week activities
  3. Election Maths
  4. FA Cup Maths activities
  5. Ramadan Maths activities
  6. Child Safety Week activities

Or follow the links below for the our Spring-term topical maths posts:

  1. Heart Month Months activities
  2. Shrove Tuesday Maths activities
  3. World Book Day Maths activities
  4. International Women's Day Maths activities
  5. British Science Week Maths activities
  6. Holi Maths activities
  7. Red Nose Day Maths activities
  8. Easter/Lent Maths activities

And for more topical problem solving tasks linked to calendar-based events for the Summer Term don't forget to download your free topical problem solving resource