We were featured in the Huffington Post!

By Sam Southwell 

The entire team at Third Space Learning are thrilled to have been featured in The Huffington Post last week. Patrick Hayes, Director of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), wrote an interesting article on the future of Edtech in the UK and its place in the classroom and described Third Space Learning as an “extremely impressive initiative."

With increasing reports of teacher shortages across the country, Hayes examined how Edtech could improve classrooms in the near future. It goes without saying that the best way to improve teaching should always be with more teachers. Our goal is provide teachers with better support to allow them to succeed in delivering the best possible education to their pupils. We speak with over 350 schools every week and it is always teachers’ passion and love of teaching that shines impacts us most.  

The article in the Huffington Post suggested Third Space Learning as the Maths specialist support that can ease the extreme workload of teachers by helping them raise attainment and create confident learners. Hayes states, “An extremely impressive initiative, which uses technology to allow primary - and now secondary - pupils to have one-to-one maths tuition with a global workforce of tutors.” Hayes also described how how UK pupils who need support the most are now able to have individualised lessons through their personal, Third Space Maths specialist.

Our goal is to help students feel less self-conscious, so they are more happy to discuss and ask questions. We believe that when students feel confident, they are more likely to be ready to tackle new curriculum with success and adopt a love of learning.

Read the full article here.

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