Celebrate Pi Day 2016 with this quick KS2 Maths activity

By Ellie McCann 

Here's a quick fun activity to use on Pi Day 2016 Monday 14th March (03.14 in the US calendar) as part of the ways you can explore and celebrate maths in your school. This one is particularly good as a starter... 

Pi Day Maths Activity 

1. Carefully cut out the circles below, then fold them in half and in half again to find the centre point.


2. Using a ruler and a piece of string, measure the radius, diameter and circumference of your circles (round your answers to the nearest centimetre)

3. Fill in the table below and then answer these questions:

  • Look at the radius and diameter, what do you notice?

  • Now look at the diameter and circumference, do you notice anything?

  • If a circle has a diameter of 56cm:

a) What would be the radius?

b) Can you estimate what the circumference would be?


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