Lower cost, higher impact:

A cost effective Maths intervention programme

Half the cost ...

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Annual cost of weekly 1-to-1 tuition for 18 pupils

...double expected progress!

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Termly progress from Third Space 1-to-1

What We Offer

1-to-1 tuition with a Maths Specialist

Black round tick 7db2878054275d97bfdbb080fa9ab6db42194205a1baec34430d49ba43fb4ac9Weekly lessons in our virtual classroom

Black round tick 7db2878054275d97bfdbb080fa9ab6db42194205a1baec34430d49ba43fb4ac9Class teacher approves the personalised learning experience

Effective Assessment and Reporting

Black round tick 7db2878054275d97bfdbb080fa9ab6db42194205a1baec34430d49ba43fb4ac9 Pre-assessment to identify gaps in learning

Black round tick 7db2878054275d97bfdbb080fa9ab6db42194205a1baec34430d49ba43fb4ac9Automated progress reports for quick, effective feedback

Free Online Resources Library

Black round tick 7db2878054275d97bfdbb080fa9ab6db42194205a1baec34430d49ba43fb4ac9Access our library of online CPD videos

Black round tick 7db2878054275d97bfdbb080fa9ab6db42194205a1baec34430d49ba43fb4ac9 Extensive bank of SATs papers, diagnostic quizzes and budget tips


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Free 1-to-1 tuition for 2 pupils.

1.Pick a time

Pick a time and date that suits you.

2. Pick your pupils

Identify 2 target pupils to plug gaps

3. See the results

You'll see increased confidence and accelerated progress

How our 1-to-1 interventions accelerate progress in Maths

  • Select Your Pupils

    You select your target pupils and preferred timeslot.

  • Choose Lessons

    You’re in control
    of the pupils’ learning.

  • 1-to-1

    Pupils receive one hour of online tuition per week.

  • Develop Reasoning

    Pupils plug learning gaps and develop reasoning skills.

  • Review Progress

    You’re kept updated on your pupils’ progress.

From £189 per pupil per term


What is our impact?

Our pupils make accelerated progress, and achieve results. In a 2016 trial with Rising Stars, pupils made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks. Our programme also helps them grow in confidence and verbal fluency with numerical concepts. Best of all, they learn to love Maths!

Who are your tutors?

All our tutors are maths specialists by degree or training, with the majority being STEM graduates. Every single tutor is trained using our 1-to-1 learning framework, which we developed alongside academics from the IOE. The high standards are maintained with ongoing CPD, overseen by a team of former Primary and Secondary Maths teachers.

How do the pupils find it?

In short - they love it! In our 2016 survey, 87% of students said that they found our useful. Our talented tutors help to shape the pupils’ learning experience, by personalising the sessions according to the pupils’ interests and always ensuring that they are working in their ZPD.

How much work is it for teachers?

We understand the time pressures that teachers are under. This is why we have designed our 1-to-1 tuition programme to be as quick and easy to manage as possible. For a group of 10 pupils, it would take a class teacher no more than 15 minutes each week to review weekly progress reports and select the following week’s lessons

Book your free trial

Free 1-to-1 tuition for 2 pupils for 1 week.

1.Pick a time

Pick a time and date that suits you.

2. Pick your pupils

Identify 2 target pupils to plug gaps

3. See the results

You'll see increased confidence and accelerated progress