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Our tutors work 1-to-1 to allow each child to grow in confidence, progress at an accelerated pace, and raise their attainment.

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On average, pupils made 7 months progress over 14 weeks

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I would recommend Third Space Learning, as it gives a unique opportunity to have personalised 1-to-1 tuition. Over the 3 months, their average maths age increased by 11 months.

Liz Hughes
Hayes Primary School, 2016

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All the children have made considerable progress in their Maths ages which is really good. There’s one child has made up to 18 months’ progress on her Maths age.

Rachel Craig,
St. Mary's Cray Primary School, 2016

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For some of our children, it gave them a real confidence boost. All of our children did really well and one pupil, for example, got 119 out of 120. Third Space definitely had a part to play in that.

Carla Holmes
Tennyson Road Primary School, 2016

Pupils' attitude to Maths

Teachers often tell us that they’ve seen significant improvements in their pupils’ confidence in maths or their enjoyment of the subject. We believe this change in attitude is a crucial factor in the improvement of a pupil's overall maths attainment.

Many pupils come to us lacking in confidence

Tutors help pupils to develop a growth mindset and improve their resilience

report increased confidence in Maths*

Many pupils are unable to articulate their reasoning...

Tutors ask lots of probing questions, encouraging children to verbalise their maths

report improved verbal fluency in Maths

Many pupils express dislike of Maths

Tutors give specific praise and help pupils develop a passion for maths

report greater enjoyment of Maths

* In the Autumn term 2015, around 600 pupils filled out our pre and post-intervention surveys. The pre-intervention survey took place before the pupils’ first session and the post-intervention survey took place after the twelfth week of sessions. Pupil improvement statistics based on those pupils reporting low confidence, verbal fluency or enjoyment. See more info

What do teachers say?

We’re working in partnership with over 350 schools in the UK. This is the experience of their headteachers and staff.

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Rush Green Primary School

Barking & Dagenham, London, 2015

"Last year we did it with 12 children who made superb progress, so this year we’ve put 20 children onto Third Space and it’s been ideal. They can talk 1-to-1 with their tutor and if they get something wrong nobody else can hear it, so they can sort out their mistakes really simply and easily."

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Sythwood Primary School

Woking, Surrey, 2015

"They became more confident in the classroom and on paper. They got used to constantly verbalising their understanding and responding to their tutor. I would definitely recommend Third Space Learning to other primary schools. Other interventions only work with one child in the same amount of time that we can do 10 through Third Space Learning."

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Springfield Community Primary School

Hackney, London, 2015

"In Maths lessons now, the children are telling me more confidently and easily how they know something. That improvement in mathematical reasoning has been invaluable for me."

St catherines primary school 1020ff564518ff26676e5d9671c3610220759336e0b935ab07b0614fc94332c3
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St Catherine's Primary School

Hertfordshire, 2015

"It is very simple, quick and easy to use, the children enjoy it, and are engaged with it and it really does bring results. It worked so well for year 6 that as a result we’ve exceeded expectations in Maths."

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